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Blue-Collar Saver

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I’m 28-years old, currently live in the Bay Area, California and work in the industrial sector. I didn’t get serious about saving until January 2018, and while I’ve done a fair amount of research I don’t have any notable investments in my portfolio other than cash and an Annuity Fund that was gifted to me (I posted a thread about this confusing situation). Still in the beginner stages of learning about investing suffer from analysis paralysis.

Base Salary: $150,000 / year
Bonus Potential: $37,000 / year
Monthly Spending All-In: $2,000 - $2,500

Net-Worth: $203,000
$126,000 Cash (sitting in a high-interest 2.4% savings account)
$104,000 Annuity Fund

I'm here to learn how to invest wisely so I can retire from the game early. I seem to be in good company.
Thank you.

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Re: Blue-Collar Saver

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Re: Blue-Collar Saver

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Welcome. What are your expenses? Own or rent? I'm sure living in the Bay Area is super expensive either way. Does your company have to a 401k? Do you drive or take public transportation? Do you have a lot of outstanding debt? If I were you I would invest in index diversified mutual funds, live below your means and save and invest as much as you can. And you can possibly retire even earlier if you don't get married or have kids but that's your call.

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