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Re: COVID-19

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Latest information on transmission. Three hours in the air is not good. ... -to-3-days

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Re: COVID-19

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Mike knew not to touch the hats.

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Re: COVID-19

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den18 wrote:
Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:51 am
Three hours in the air is not good.

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Re: COVID-19

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The other thing Trump mentioned last night during the Presidential address that stuck with me was that banks are ‘very strongly capitalized’ and in a ‘great position in terms of liquidity’.

I am heading over to the ATM to stock up on cash.

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Re: COVID-19

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No joke, floating viruses are the reason I now take the stairs up to the 5th floor everyday. The elevator has got to be the riskiest place in the building.

Good call on cash, Ego. It's worthwhile to have a decent stash on hand.

Now that it's in my town I'm limiting my grocery run to 6am. No leaving the house except for that.

The new company is going to send me a job offer and I made sure to confirm I can work remote during this despite the recruiter thinking it's a hoax. Kind of a stressful time to transition jobs but the offer was too competitive :?

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Re: COVID-19

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@c40 - why don't you stay put until say June? They don't really know but there is a good chance the virus might start dissipating in summer, given that's what happens with other coronaviruses and flu/cold type illnesses. And regardless of whether it does, it will just be so much more unpleasant being in the midst of the virus in the winter cold than in summer.

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Re: COVID-19

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State of California....


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Re: COVID-19

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Oregon governor Brown has banned gatherings of more than 250 people (excluding incidental work, shopping, etc.). Considering Oregon has just passed 21 confirmed cases, this is a rather bold move compared to most states.

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Re: COVID-19

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Yeah, governor Inslee banned public gatherings, too.

I have to say, I have been impressed with the governor's bravery in relentlessly pursuing press briefings where he has displayed confidence and concern in the face of this virus. That's what we need these days, more confidence and concern. The strongest antivirals known to man.

For reference to the efficacy of press briefings, Lombardy has been on lockdown since late last month. They tested 1500+ new positives yesterday.

Maybe they should have just applied confidence and concern, rather than quarantine. Or maybe we should have applied quarantine... :?

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Re: COVID-19

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Other states are also limiting gatherings to 250 people. It must be a magic number from the CDC.

I also stopped by the atm today.

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Re: COVID-19

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Edited: Not widely confirmed news

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Re: COVID-19

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I've not been training jiu jitsu for a while now, lazyness coupled with a good excuse. Today I just heard that the classes are suspended until monday for precaution.

Also, people started panicking in Sao Paulo and raiding supermarkets. Brasilia still looks the same but people now started getting worried. Supermarket pantries still fully stocked though.

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Re: COVID-19

Post by Seppia »

First example of virus impacting our close ones.
Best friend of my uncle passed today, his wife also in critical condition.
Walked around the park behind our apartment today, crossed 4 people in an hour or so, we kept our distance.
If the virus “lives” three hours in the air we are fucked.

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Re: COVID-19

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Re: COVID-19

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@Seppia So sorry for you and your uncle and his friend.

@Stahlmann Sorry for that horrible work culture. Hard to advise another, but I'd look for another job if I could afford it in that situation.

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Re: COVID-19

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Sounds like a terrible place to work. Probably time to look elsewhere.

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Re: COVID-19

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Received emails from two different federal credit unions, one in Louisiana and one in Texas encouraging the use of online banking and alert members that there may be branch closures for a time. I wonder what that means for safety deposit box access?

Email from J. C. Penney CEO outlining their plan going forward--cleaning the stores and encouraging team members to stay home if sick. Our local indoor kids playspace sent an email out explaining their cleaning procedures and that one location will be closing permanently. All local libraries in my area are suspending children's storytimes.

No confirmed case in my county in Texas yet. SXSW is canceled in Austin. There was a confirmed case of a Dell employee but he is a resident of India and only worked for a short time in Round Rock, TX.

I am watching Louisiana carefully, Mardi Gras was two weeks ago.

@Seppia I am so sorry to hear about a death so close to your family. Thanks for your updates, I appreciate reading them.

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Re: COVID-19

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Re: COVID-19

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Lying to oneself perpetuates those told by others. Life is too short to work for assholes. I can personally attest that being FI and using an ERE philosophy give the freedom to walk away from such BS.

My condolences to you and your family; stay safe.

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Re: COVID-19

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@Stahlmann: is this not exactly the type of greedy capitalism you are so much against? I'd definitely get another job, no point staying in place where you are not respected and your health (and life) is willingly put at risk for profit.

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