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Nice going, Marlene. I really enjoy reading about the little DIY-'streak' you're on!
As for drinks: I also tend to add ice cubes in funny shapes (hearts, stars, what-not). They can add another fancy/ funny touch to one's drink in a very simple and easy way.

And for lemonade/ flavored water, here's a nice site with some tips and tricks:

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Hi Meliora - great inspiration, thanks!

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So, because I wanted to participate in a course that specializes in Feldenkrais with Rollers and couldn´t do it timewise I divided the coursefee by 12 and added that amount to the money I set aside. So it´s at least a pay as you go approach and not dipping into savings.
So now I´m setting aside 404 Euros - still meager but compared to what I set aside last year a more than 50% increase. Not sure if that is a sustainable amount for the life I´m leading now. Last month and this month I had unusual expenses (travel and sightseeing) which led to me pulling out 75% of the monthly rate from the savings-account. But most of it will be/is already refunded, as I paid for hotel & guided tour for all participants in advance.

Still have to fill in the taxpapers, which should be ok, once I got my business-account opened.
Last month I made 8 Euros, mainly because the natural health professional gave a little talk for me to understand Ayurveda a bit including other people.
Otherwise I have approx. 620 Euro worth of teas, herbs and oil and a colleague of mine is already interested in one of the teas. I´m a bit nervous about this, because 500 Euros is my limit of what I´d like to pay in advance (aka invest). But the natural-health professional is confident that it will turn over.
Interesting thing: As an Ayurveda-Merchant I already have two people interested that are not so wise with their money. I find it mildly conflicting that I´m into ERE and selling products that could be counted as luxuries/preventive medicine to them, instead of say - the ERE-book. Well since I don´t push those things on them I might as well be comfortable with it.
Further I´d like to test one of the herbs for cooking and I think I´ll invite some colleagues over just as with other supper-cookings. Otherwise I find the herbs too precious to open "just for me". So not a Tupperware-party, but an Ayurveda-party ;-)
Now, how do I set up a Feldenkrais-party?!

Another colleague got 2 lessons as a birthday-gift and last week was the first lesson - she liked it. We have the second lesson this week.

We´ll see if she will order subsequent lessons, I think not, because she is saving money but we will see.
Maybe this is a good strategy: giving two lessons as birthday gifts: people are getting a reminder that I´m offering Feldenkrais and maybe find it so good that they take more lessons. I´ll also get more experience. And it´s a present that will not cost me more money - although I might be seen as stingy.
The other client is still enthusiast and Feldenkrais still can do a lot for her - she even found out for herself that the shoulder-lesson was good for her feet. Good for her!

Well, number-fail. Probably no-one is surprised. I wouldn´t be if I see how long and meandering my journal is. Shame on me, will perstists in exercising to do them.

Baked two cakes and made a pumpkin-soup instead of bread. The bread got bought by one of the guests, as it was a bring-food-along-party. Succumed to buying American Softdrinks plus water, beer & juices. Selfmade things just need more commitment/time. I think the whole party cost me a bit more than 200 € most of which is tied up in still to be consumed drinks. And I had a little classic concert by young musicians that are not yet famous (though good) - they asked for cake as pay, but that´s something my rural upbrought me found unacceptable - 10€ per person it was.

Liked Riparian suggestion, combined with this article I think I´m beginning to change: people who get distracted at work, put their soul through a pencil sharpener on top of how the work situation is like.

Bike to work (2x per week)

Numbers (getting in order)

Pictures (seeing)

Clean up (continue)

continue the good work (leaving the money where it is)

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Ha found it:
I´m an ENFJ
E - 11 - slight extraversion

N - 38 - moderate intuition

F - 50 - moderate feeling

J - 01 - marginal/no judging
Aha, so that´s why it´s so darn hard for me to get my savings rate up - I´m not an INTJ!

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So how cool is this?
Yesterday I was able to pull a start of a tailors dummy from the bulk-garbage. Something I wanted to have for my sewing hobby since longer. But I was too lazy to build one myself and couldn´t justify buying one because I didn´t do _that_ much sewing. So I´m happy about that, even if that means I have another two items (a female form and a male form) to heat. I might sell the male form, have to conferr with SO, if he want´s a pirate style jacket as I do. Pretty exciting to think about the adaptation of the female form to my measures and then sew nice things that I can parade about in (or on the tailor dummy in my living room). Think flattering-coloured princess-dresses (NOT pink!)
And today my company announced that they will be giving a bonus because business is going well. Great!
Interesting also what kind of reactions that got - I went like: ah I can buy the LED lamps (long overdue) without digging into my savings - where shall I put the rest to accumulate?
Reaction Others: Ah, great - then we can take a long weekend trip to Barcelona.

My tought-reaction: What? And then have nothing saved? Or at least put to work in aforesaid LED-lamps for future savings? And possible getting sick afterwards, because the temperatures are out of sync? Where is the fun in that?!
I wonder if my thought-reaction came from converting deeper to "the dark side" or if I thought like that for a longer time.
Nah, I think I´m converting - last year I would have gone: Wahoo - one Feldenkraiscourse paid for!
If one can wait, then in this society it´s easy to feel as if goodness is raining from the sky constantly.
Hopefully it´s not as in the bible: seven years of gravy and seven years of dust.
But maybe I´m ere-lucky and it will be like seven years of largesse and seven a a bit lean years.
I´m reminded of the Barney character of "How I met your mother" (have seen only one show of it)

He always is about meeting girls and in his idea that means showing up in suit (Suit up!) and having a great (expensive) time going out (It will be legendary!).
The ERE Barney Motto goes like this: "Skill up!"

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Hi Marlene,
Are you still paying 70.x euros a month for life insurance? Do you really need that? Why don't you cancel that and put that money into savings? Who are your dependents? Health or disability insurance makes sense to me, but I'd only get life insurance if I had children. Perhaps you do and I missed it.
I'm also ENFJ. My goal is to save 50% and 60% or more if I can one day earn more than 12,000 pesos on average. Even with a very low income I still managed to save 40% on average this year even with a couple minor emergencies since April. What has worked for me?

1. Live in a cheap apartment.

2. Get roommates for the other rooms.

3. Get a roommate to share my own room.

4. Stop impulse purchases for anything over 20 pesos. I'll ask myself if I still want it next week or next month.

5. Don't ask for loans unless absolutely necessary.

6. I'll suggest cheaper alternatives when going out with friends(or on dates). Go to the park or a museum on the free day, etc. Get a coffee at 7-11/OXXO (convenience store) instead of going to Starbucks or other really expensive place.

7. Set clear goals on what to do with savings. Without goals it is really easy to spend it.

8. Put savings in investments that I can't touch for impulse purchases. If I have to wait 3-30 days or longer to access the money, it will be hard for me to spend it.
I hope some of what has worked for me will help you since we have the same personality type.

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Hi Christopherjart!

Thanks for posting your tips! I´m glad to hear from you that others than INTJ´s can pull (E)RE off ;-)
Yes, I´m still paying 70,30 Euros on Insurance - I labeled it wrong - it´s a disability-insurance - currently someone is talking to me to up that amount by ca. 20 Euro to have an inflation-adjusting disability-insurance. Will I ever get that sick? I hope and strive not to but still.
And I don´t have kids, so nothing missed.
Regarding savings: I put those 404 Euros into another account in another bank at the start of the month - if I don´t move it somewhere else I will touch it. While not great returnwise it´s out of my reach and I´m very loath to get anything out of there.
My goal would be 300.000 Euros, but with 404 Euros per month that´s 62 years of saving.

That´s why I´m often going "sigh - I can´t do it". But my situation is changing as I hoped it would: my SO decided to stay in the country for his next career-step. So I can make clear that the current living situation is temporary and I could find a roommate for one of the rooms, because we will be moving anyway.

Once having moved to the other town I will be finding a job there (maybe commute for some short time to my current job to have the money, depending on driving costs) and SO and me will be living together - so trala- most expenses cut in half.

And I also think: I want to do things, I want to work, maybe not my current work - I expect to work for a long time, so maybe the amount of needed money isn´t that great, because I might transit to semi-(e)re and be content with that. And Feldenkrais-work will generate income, and I can keep my contacts that I build up now that I´m "only" moving 1h away. Dito Ayurveda-business. I plan to earn money this year, get a roommate and find out about hours, driving, living-costs, other job at the start of next year.
Thanks again for posting your tips and relating to another ENFJ - it has strengthened my resolve.

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Bought the books It´s all politics and The secret handshake by Kathleen Kelley Reardon Ph.D. because of the favourite books thread in this forum and because I expect to be more in contact with possible (Feldenkrais)-clients, also for work and being forewarned is being forearmed. Really looking forward to reading them.

At the moment a yield of 9 Euros (june - now)

At the moment a yield of appr. 100 Euros (august - now)
Currently Feldenkrais is more in demand and I´m also doing more to put the word out there: next year I´ll be giving courses for an adult education center (Volkshochschule) around here if all is going well. Maybe I can work in cycles on it: when Feldenkrais lags behind I´ll promote more Ayurveda and when Feldenkrais picks up speed again Ayurveda has to wait. It´s that selling Ayurveda-products is scalable and Feldenkrais is only to some extend. Well, maybe someday I´m as good/ better as my teacher and can command 450 Euros for 45 Minutes in a one on one session? We´ll see.
Otherwise the 404 Euros appear to be going ok, but also because I had some luck with money coming in my direction - so at the end of the year I´ll see if I can add more to that setting aside (if living stays the same).
Oh and: really thank you all for being active here and posting great info and your experience and also thank you Jacob for having developed this platform! It gives me more choices and opportunities, not only moneywise THANKS!

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So this month I already had to get back some money from my setting-aside account, because I was late for several bills. I´ll be pulling back half of what I put there for this month. That should get me through the month, as I expect no further exceptional costs. One of the Feldenkrais Arrangements involves payment in money and a usually delicious dinner, so that´s great. And one of the supermarkets around here offers one vegetable per week very cheap, so that´s my basis for my cooking.
Last week has seen me three times to work by bike and only muscle ache as a result, so that´s good - no sickness!
Otherwise no exciting news, I changed my working-disability insurance because it´s at a lower price with the same cover. Have to chancel some additional working-disability insurance, so that I don´t pay double. And I will pay 3 € less each month for electricity.
No further exciting news or drama, since I´m getting used to the idea, that I have 5 month of living expenses set aside in (almost) cash. It doesn´t "burn in my pocket" anymore, so that´s an achievement in itself.
And since reading the thread about gratefulness: yes, I´m in an extremely lucky position: I earn a lot of money compared to world average, have a stellar health-system at my service, have access to great food and live in a peaceful area of the world. So why exactly was I whining about something?!
Funny side note: I dream more frequently about "finding money on the street" - probably my subconscious knows that I tend to worry about money (the target number of ERE) and tries to set me at ease, that there is enough.

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Hi Marlene!
Congrats on the 3 times to work on a bicycle in a week! That's an awesome way to start your day.
Going to look for that thread on gratefulness you mention ....

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@ anomie - hey thanks! I´m very happy about the biking.
I would have linked the article, if I remembered the title. What I read there was something like how one member perceived the forum as being a bit on the whiny side just now and from there continuing how great live is for him and other members chimed in on that. I found myself guilty as charged and resolved to focus on what´s working. That´s also more empowering for potential readers.
And now, for me being emotional and almost jumping up and down with excitement a drumroll for Feldenkrais please:
Gents and Ladies - today I got my first e-mail with course data.
They want me for a WHOLE YEAR (one evening per week).

Gulp - I mean - Yeah!
I´m very excited and a bit scared - never have put a program together for one whole year. What with quality of lessons, what with logical order of lessons, what with being on vacation?! And what if nobody shows up? (Continue with private clients of course!)
Well, I have stagefright, but once on the "stage" usually things work out allright. I´m thinking about how to dress - so that I radiate a confident but wellnessy-comfortable atmosphere. I simultaneously know that what really matters is how the participants feel after they get up the first time from the floor and how they feel averaging over the course (and the last lesson). Still, how I dress might influence to whom I get referred to, still the content is more important.
Fun fact: apparently guys are not so interested in courses where they have to get down onto a mat. One impression was, that that is so because they have to change from suit/working outfit to something they can actually move in. Autogenic training appears to be fine, because it´s on a chair (no clothes problem there).
I wonder how much of this is that lying on the floor is associated with being knocked out or fouled in soccer and one has heard from the trainer to not laze about?

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Yesterday evening I was at a colour-advice introduction where (female) Entrepreneurs met. Turns out that the above mentioned flattering-coloured princess dresse could be pink - "winter"-colours are my best friends.
And one of the entrepreneurs might be interested in offering her room(s) to me - interesting lead, will see how that turns out, it´d mean more driving.
Interesting here for me is that what one presenter during a course for starting entrepreneurs sais is apparently true for me also - she generated her business by attending workshops for her business-self. That´s what happened in the above example.
So I´m more serious to attend local entrepreneurs-meeting that at first looked like timesink. Maybe there should be a filter on which ones I´m going to - like go into workshops/meetings where people want to professionalize themselfs and not "just" meetings in a cafe or something. Have to test that, will report back.
There might be a chance that I´m getting a roommate - SO has seen that current situation is temporary and the possible roommate would sometimes be away at the weekends. I´m really looking forward to it, it´s the decision of the possible roommate now, so I´m trying to hold my feet still.

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It´s unbelievable how fast time can go by. I have the feeling, that it´s almost only yesterday, since my last "post progress"-reminder popped up.
So here goes:

Went to one local-entrepreneur-group meeting in a Café and was not too charmed, the colour-advice introduction was much better.
I was travelling on quite expensive train-tickets/hotelnight for a birthday-party. Said train-tickets/hotelnight were our presents (cum self made applesauce from an old apple-species)
Since it´s december I lowered my savings a few percent, to have some more room for presents.
Possible roommate said not yet, not sure if it will be before I move together with SO. A pity but understandable.
Ayurveda has seen one tea-sale, I´ll do some tea presents for x-mas.
Feldenkrais has seen the same two clients take one lesson. Still - I found a way for me to digitalize my Feldenkrais-notes on Cal Newports blog, so that I can digitalize it and still have a reference where I can search trough later on. First six exercises are digitalized - which is much less than 1% but better than 0%, yes?
I still keep paper-records on most of my money spending and also on what I earn on the side. Still in for improvement.
Upnote: currently I biked 41 days this whole year to work, or the equivalent of one and a bit tankfilling. (20 Days of that occured during summer)

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Typed 9 more exercises, tried one new excercise with three different people and hope that it will alliviate the pain of a fourth when he has time. Two weeks to go until the first course starts if there are enough appliants.
Met another natural-health professional, I might do an information-evening with them and maybe give lessons in their rooms. It´s far to drive to (40 minutes) but it might give me more experience that I might use later one as well as more connection I can build on. Will give an demonstration lesson on the 14th of january.
Ayurveda - need to finish my bookkeeping for 2012 and get two bills out. Also need a better system of writing down what has been ordered, before I can grow.

My new carneval dress will be made by me and I already have the needed cloth for it and will start to map out the sewing process and pattern today. This is mostly to get my sewing skills better. If the dress turns out nice I´ll sell it on ebay after carneval.

Will be more money intensive: I´ll do a sailing cum fantasy roleplaying tour with a frind, will again do an Aikido workshop with a friend, will go on longer vacation with SO probably caribbean and will buy a Feldenkrais Table. They are not found used, and building one by myself it as of yet outside of my skills.

Further I have to rearrange my insurance somewhat to hopefully cheaper ones and after I spent money on the things above I´ll resume saving pattern.
Good frugal new year to you all.

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Meanwhile...I got laid off, with a severance pay of three month. Will be moving together with SO within now and two month and am applying for part-time jobs, so that I have more time for Feldenkrais - yay.
Favourite quote of the month because I´m talking to people about Feldenkrais-Info and networking:
You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

You must do the thing which you think you cannot do - Eleanore Roosevelt -
Hope I can pull this off.

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