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Post by herp » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:21 am


Earned income 1628
Sale of items 38
Insurance 30
Entertainment 7
Reward 8

Total income 1711

Rent 774
Union + unemployment insurance 90
Groceries 198
Phone 7
Transporation 57
Healthcare 119
Entertainment 20
Banking fees 37
Software 6
Electronics 198

Total expenses 1506

Savings 205

Savings rate 12%

Savings were pretty low due to having a low income in June and having somewhat higher expenses than usual (although as always actual savings are higher as I do not count those that go directly into my retirement account through my "arbejdsmarkedspension").

I bought a pricey pair of headphones (Bose QC25) with active noise-cancellation because I was getting so frustrated at work being unable to concentrate and the headphones provided there were pretty crap. This obviously shouldn't be necessary, but it saved some of my sanity, lowered frustration somewhat, improved my productivity, and I can hopefully use them for years.

Health has been improving from the beginning of July as many coworkers are going away on holidays and I'm now working in a different physical environment (although at the same job). I definitely prefer working in a quiet environment without constant interruptions.

My income for July will be much better, so I'm not worried about a month with low savings. Net worth is steadily increasing as well and crossed another milestone at the beginning of July, so I'm fairly pleased with that.

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