Bitcoin on the rise

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Re: Bitcoin on the rise

Post by firerufus » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:42 pm

In my experience, everything until the top 3 crypto currencies right now are just worthless.

But, the main idea is still:

We went from small organised communities to bigger city states to countries. Every step had its downsides but the main upside was: Larger organized communties (countries) achieved more then smaller communities.

Now we see that people and communities are more devided then ever, and cannot be governed by one party.

But, we can take the technological learnings from the last decades and use it in our smaller communities, govern ourselve again without the need for big countries.

Blockchain can play a huge role in this step:

Easy and clear defined contracts, every community can have their own currency without the need of a bank and via internet and coin exchanges we can still travel quite easily and apply to the local rules.

This being said:
- Bitcoin as the main idea already works
- The other half of projects are idealistic and come to early
- The other half is just to rip people off and looking for ways to get funding for worthless shit.

The technolgoy itself is super complex and I have yet to meet a person who truly understands everything.

So, the hype is clearly there, I am waiting to generate some profits and then go back to study how and when the time finally arrives where we can govern ourselves.

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