would you live in a "smart city" or in "smart nature"?

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would you live in a "smart city" or in "smart nature"?

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Smart City:
Smart Nature:
CIty in Nature:

The question is here not only because of the fact that a smart city could just increase population, pollution, environmental stress, and such many other things to make a list of 300pages, but also because it's a system to "control" anyone of us, and this mean that people will have less "freedom" somehow.

Nature it's just on his way. We are searching to create the best "self-sufficient/driving car" when nature gave us a horse, to have a friend too.
Nature gave us a transportation infrastructure which is slow for some reasons.
Anyone can 100% predict the future, but could we say at least that society will have less and less freedom? Those smart cityes seems to much of an utopia.

Would you live in a "smart city" or in "smart nature"?

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