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Mastermind Group:

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The goal of this group help brainstorm solutions to each other's ERE challenges and serve as accountability for reaching goals. The first meeting we could decide the format, the frequency and ground rules. I think we should make it a 4 month commitment and then switch up leaders where I would start as the leader. It would be up to the group to propose and vote on the rules. The leader can't vote and their job is more to enforce the rules that the group decided.

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Re: Mastermind Group:

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Hi Ben! I'm glad you've decided to jump in and be an active member of this forum. I think this might be the biggest part of your struggle:
AxelHeyst wrote:
Sun Jan 23, 2022 5:55 pm
Recommended best practices, based on my experience booting up the first one.


[*]Criteria for membership: No lurkers. Everyone ideally either has a journal, or is active enough on the forum that they don’t “need” a journal - they’re a known entity. I think it’s important for the trust dynamic of the Group for everyone going in it to be able to check each other out and say “yeah, okay, I’m cool with joining a group with these people.” An exception might be that if you know someone who’d be a good candidate for your MMG, who isn’t active on this forum, but are active on permies or somewhere else on the internet, that might work out fine...
My suggestion would be to either start up a journal, or at least post in "Introduce Yourself" and then start a thread on some topic you have a question on or want to discuss. As you build your reputation around here, you'll probably find it easier to put a MMG together.

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