Greetings From North West, UK

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Greetings From North West, UK

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hello there,

I have been interested in FI for a while now. I live in the UK and I have just retired at 54. Officially, this is a career break and I can return in 6/12 months but we will see how that works out...

My career was in IT but my main hobby is music; both writing and playing.

I am from the United Kingdom and currently live in the North West of England. My girlfriend is from the US and already FI for over four years.

We are planning some trips around the UK and then some longer holidays around the warmer parts of Europe this year. Next year we are thinking of extensive slow travelling. All our plans lean towards warmer climes.

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Re: Greetings From North West, UK

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sounds great, good luck and congrats!

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Re: Greetings From North West, UK

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Welcome! I am based in Scotland, will be curious to read your entries.

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Re: Greetings From North West, UK

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Welcome! Congrats, and good call on having a fallback option

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