Can I retire with 4 children?

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Re: Can I retire with 4 children?

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@white belt - Thinking about this further, I can accomplish this in today's environment simply by working half the year at an amusement park @20/hr and simply going on the aca. Then the 1.15 million can continue to grow while I work a fun, easy job every year and take half the year off...hmm...

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Re: Can I retire with 4 children?

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And herewith you answered your own question If you can "retire" with four children?

This is also kind of what I hinted at my first part-time if you're wondering if you have enough.
And basically, as you wrote in the last page, you will never completely "retire", you'll always want to produce something.

I think it's okay to conclude you can stop with full time working (as an employee) and just work part-time, do "projects" etc. whatever you like at that period. Just don't call and look at it as a "traditional" retirement.

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