ER'rd at 49 thanks to ERE

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ER'rd at 49 thanks to ERE

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Hi All, not checked into the forum for 2 years. Since then lots happened, the Covid pandemic of course. 9 months ago I quit my job, and my wife and I have been RE now for 6 months. Great to have all this free time. Miss a little, the office banter and regular income from earning. But lifestyle now is zero stress and full-time leisure. We just do what we want. Every day is a weekend day, so plenty of leisure and hobbies. Some days busy with activities, some days do very little.

My plan is perhaps closer to standard early retirement. To live frugally for 10 years, from 50 to 60, then on work pensions after then 60+. Saved for the "gap" in my 40s. Have a safety factor from an inheritance, sadly lost a parent. Set lump sum aside for a relocation in future. Nothing wacky, just repaying mortgage, saving into index funds and two incomes no kids helps speed up of course.

Thanks! to Jacob and ER community for concept and vision of a different way of living. The book has inspired me to do this. Hope you're doing well and good luck with your ERE plans.

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Re: ER'rd at 49 thanks to ERE

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Congratulations on living the dream. Well done. :D

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Re: ER'rd at 49 thanks to ERE

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NICE! Congratulations!

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Re: ER'rd at 49 thanks to ERE

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Congrats! It's a good time for me to hear success stories. :)

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Re: ER'rd at 49 thanks to ERE

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It feels good to put in the work and see it through, welcome to the FI world and your new free time to enjoy life. Don't be hard on yourself with your choices and take the time to find yourself. Breaking out of the work cycle of society and consumerism is very tough but possible. Congrats

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Re: ER'rd at 49 thanks to ERE

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Enjoy! Well deserved!

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