Princes of the Yen

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Princes of the Yen

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Princes of the Yen

Explains how central banks create crises to control economies and lives. The Japanese asset bubble of the 80’s was intentionally inflated and deflated so US multinationals could buy distressed Japanese assets. Ditto the other Tiger economies leading up to the Asian Financial Crisis. The IMF expressly forbid the Japanese from bailing out other Asian countries and mandated that distressed assets must be sold to foreign interests and no bailouts were allowed, except from the IMF. Yet one year later the Long Term Capital Management bailout was facilitated by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. The same thing occurred leading to and during the European Debt Crisis of 2011, around when this documentary was made. Intentional bubble inflation and the generation of a crisis then resided over by the European Central Bank which does not answer to individual European countries.

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, watch how the central banks and authorities are seizing upon the chaos to centralize power, increase concentrated ownership of assets, and increase surveillance of the population even further.

This is no blundering, scared gerontocracy at work. This is, and always has been, intentional.

Companion read: Grunch of Giants by Buckminster Fuller ... giants.pdf

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Re: Princes of the Yen

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I watched it in December after watching crash course which was also recommended here.
thrifty++ wrote:
Sat May 16, 2020 6:46 pm
Japan undertook a wholesale application of western systems, from democracy to the financial system to the adoption of human rights standards.
According to this video Japan retrofitted a wartime command economy that was building tanks and planes to make cars and TVs. Bank of Japan had quotas for a product. Companies producing that thing would get loans that year. That's how they've companies such as Mitsubishi producing everything between starting from pens to cars.

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Re: Princes of the Yen

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I would rather read the book here. I’ve downloaded it as it seems it will be quite relevant in the times that come, and I want to know what’s in it. I’m not sure I want the dish of anti CB propaganda that seems to be whiffing off that youtube vid...

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