COVID grocery/shopping procedures

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Re: COVID grocery/shopping procedures

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7Wannabe5 wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:38 pm
so I am suggesting that topless (exposure of skin above lungs) sunbathing behind glass door wall might not hurt.
I mean, it might not hurt (vitamin D is important, would probably boost neighbors' morale), but there is just no way that UV is getting through: 1) atmosphere (you're at a northern latitude in early spring), then 2) glass (consider type of glass and band of UV), then 2) skin (a cursory Googling shows that only 10% of UV makes it through skin down to a depth of 2mm), then 3) at least an inch of fat, muscle, bone, and blood at levels that will make any difference whatsoever.

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Re: COVID grocery/shopping procedures

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I ordered vegetables and milk from whole foods for delivery. They arrived in a few hours. The large local grocery also delivers but is scheduled out a week. I ordered from them too. I don't want to let my supplies get low.

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Re: COVID grocery/shopping procedures

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My brother tried out delivery today from his local store and was pleased with the results. Think laundry detergent wasn't available.

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Re: COVID grocery/shopping procedures

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I've been happy to find one of the farmer's market vendors is doing a pop-up drive-thru for eggs, vegetables, fruit, and butter. Small town butcher shops (the ones with painted concrete floors) seem to still have meat and are not crowded. On FB there is also a local plant nursery making porch deliveries of vegetable starts and soil amendments.

The only thing I have added to my shopping procedure that I didn't see mentioned is dedicated "outside" shoes. We have repurposed an old baker's rack in the garage.

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Re: COVID grocery/shopping procedures

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It some places circles have been chalked out at a meter distance from each other and people move along them. At other's where that's not possible queues have been instituted that go round n round. I've'nt been out in 14 days, I'd'nt know.

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