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No problem moving tire liners from one tire to another, it's just a tough strip of plastic. You have to cut them to fit the tire to prevent a lumpy ride, though, so ideally you would move it to a same size or smaller tire. Now that you mentioned sticking them on, though, tacking them to the tire with hair spray would probably have saved me a lot of time installing the things!

Watering mushrooms causes them to sprout fruiting bodies, that's why they appear after rainstorms. The fruiting probably means that they're well-established in the soil too.

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Cool, I have some vouchers from work and didn't know what to do with them until I found out they work with one bike store so might just get the tire liners and a few other things.

Yes I know, there has to be a good environment with many variables in the right spot for mushrooms to fruit. I took a course on mushroom cultivation last year and this variety was said to be able to establish itself in the soil after just 3 months. Having those mushrooms over a year in the making, I started losing hope hence the joy of seeing them popping up. Selective memory made me forget that they were also said to be capricious in when and where they fruit (the reason for not growing them commercially).

In hindsight, very happy with trying to cultivate them. Very tasty mushrooms and they improve the soil for other organisms. There are some super weak strawberries around the house I live in, people said they did not fruit for years. DW and I took some of the stropharia mycelium and placed it under the strawberries together with sawdust. Now the strawberries have flowers so hoping for some yummy strawberries. If I'll ever end up owning a garden, I think I will do it totally no dig and spread mycelium wherever I can.

I feel like I must mention that DW is definitely the leader in our gardening and mushroom voyages.

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