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Hey everyone! I'm a long term lurker but wanted to contribute a bit more so I decided to sign up. This forum (and mmm blog) has helped me a great deal in pursuing financial freedom. I paid off my student debt in my early-mid 20's and have been saving hard since. Right now I'm sitting at around 5-6x living expenses but my yearly expenses are probably more mmm standards than ERE. I like this forum better because the community is great. I've found mmm forums have a fair amount of toxicity generating albeit there are still plenty of great people.

I think the biggest thing that could drastically reduce my living expenses is reducing recurring monthly housing expense to near 0. Right now my rent is probably close to 35-40% of my total yearly expenses but lower than 15% of my gross income. Big thing is the opportunity cost of a down payment on a house. I love DIY (even though I lack experience in home repair) so I'd be willing to do a lot of stuff myself. To be honest, my wife is super handy so we could probably hack most things.

Rent is expensive where I live as anything less than what I'm living in is a disgusting dump. Luckily salaries are still pretty high relative to the overall COL and jobs are plentiful. My current focus is reducing my food expense by eating more vegetarian. My goal is to have animal products make up no more than 5% of my total calories. I probably get close to 10 hours of intense exercise a week + about 10 hours of week of walking outside with the mutt.

Right now my favorite hobbies are spending time outside, lifting weights, conditioning, cooking, and video games. I'm going to start traveling a bit more to get it out of my system. I don't see traveling as becoming an addiction or anything because I'm a home body ultimately but I have a long term scratch to itch.

I'm hoping I can add value to the community!

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That's a serious amount of exercise you are doing:)

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