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ERE Artist

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Hey. I'm a 20 year old whose been into the concept of frugality and early retirement for 4-5 years now. Currently in college learning computer science, my end goal is to use early retirement to use my time on what makes me happy, mostly art and friends. I absolutely love art, and while I'm not too good at it, learning more about it and creating more is very exciting. I'm also vegan and antinatalist. If you would like to support my art, heres my website Below are some list's I've made. Thanks for reading!
Things that make me happy
1. Being with my friends.
2. Dancing.
3. Enjoying art (visual, music) from artists whose work I admire.
4. Making art.
5. Feeling like I've helped another living creature (or, non-living).
7. Staying fit.
6. Meeting kind people.
8. Seeing the local world (nature, structures, materials) ((bike-distance))
9. Learning more about art, frugal practices, social skills.
10. Reading a good book.
11. Performing a skill or talent for others.
Success to me is developing flourishing relationships with great living creatures, reducing the amount of existing suffering, and our little time being spent on whats important.

Quotes and Ideas

Deal with individuals, not absolutes.

"How can someone win if winning means that someone loses"

"I want to be a human being not a human doing" - Scatman John

Current plan:
☑ 2018 - Start college
☐ 2022 - Graduate with degree in Comp Sci.
☐ 2022 - Invest as much of my income as possible
☐ 2027 - Become financially independent
☐ 2027 - Persue my passions
☐ 2090 - Die, probably

Attempt to know and optimize the consequences of your actions in order to reduce suffering as you grow.

All resources are limited, this includes physical resources and also conceptual resources, like time. Our resource usage should be efficient, and used on what is most important to us.

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Re: ERE Artist

Post by Mae »

Welcome to the forums.

I felt I needed to post here because I am also vegan and child-free, as is my husband FrugalPatat who is also on here.
☐ 2090 - Die, probably
Had to smile at that.

If I may provide some feedback: I think your plan consists of ... goals, and therefore isn't really a plan because you didn't include how you will achieve your goals.

Where are you from?

Good luck with your ERE journey!

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Re: ERE Artist

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South Carolina, United States.

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Re: ERE Artist

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Hi GSB, looking forward to how it'll work out! You've got a good set-up so far, a major that will let you have a stable job but also you're not losing sight of what you love and what brings you joy. Good luck!

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Re: ERE Artist

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Yo, I'm a childless vegetarian. I know it's annoying to hear this when you're 20, but you're likely to change your plan a bunch of times over the next few years. I would say you're not a full adult until you are working a job and covering all your expenses without parental help/ loan help. If you go the college route, you don't really start figuring that much shit out until you're 22. It's cool that you're getting into this stuff so young, but you've also got to give yourself room to grow. I think a lot of people wish they retired at 26/ 27 as you plan to, but I'm not 100% convinced that stacking a bunch of cash is the best way to spend your youth. If you'd be planning on doing computer sci anyway, then it's certainly a great path.

Also be aware that they pressure to conform increases dramatically when you graduate and then as you get older. The countervailing force is that, if you want, you start learning more about yourself and what you actually want. Good luck and welcome to the forum!

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