How do you dry your clothes?

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Re: How do you dry your clothes?

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I have a few methods that I've used over the years.

Method 1 (Dry rack): I was gifted this by the in-laws and it works very well for small items like socks and underwear. I usually open this near my sun facing window in my apartment. Within a few hours everything is dry. Dry rack gets folded up and tucked away behind the headboard.

Method 2 (Extendable shower curtain rod): So I have a habit of scavenging and salvaging items in my surrounding neighborhood. I once found a new extendable shower curtain rod and now use it to hang-dry larger items of clothing like shirts, pants and shorts. The trick is to find a spot where the curtain rod will fit without falling off the wall. Wet clothing goes on hangers and the clothes get hung on the curtain rod. Extra points if you can get airflow via two open windows on opposite ends of the clothes. A small fan works well too.

Method 3 (Clothes dryer): This is my least favorable method but I have a trick to save some money. My apartment complex has two laundry rooms that are regularly used throughout the day. The machines use both a phone app and quarters to operate. Some tenants will finish their laundry but leave a few minutes remaining on the dryer. The timer wont run unless the machine is running. As long as there is at least 1 minute remaining on the timer I can throw my clothes in the dryer, add a couple quarters and continue the drying cycle. This will only cost me ~50 cents as opposed to $1.50. Ill only use this method if I need to dry large items like bed sheets, blankets or towels.

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Re: How do you dry your clothes?

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Clothesline in cold basement.

Used to have a single line I would hang across an apartment and the items that wouldnt fit would get hung on doorknobs, chairs, whatever. :|

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Re: How do you dry your clothes?

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my studio has a mould problem so i run a dehumidifier anyway, I dry my clothes on a folding rack inside and the dehumidifier whisks away the moisture. this makes it possible for the clothes to dry even in winter, which is very cold and clammy/wet here (albeit not that cold compared to, say, midwest US or canada).

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Re: How do you dry your clothes?

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I wear them in the wind. In winter, I eat a jar of mayonaise first.

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Re: How do you dry your clothes?

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Dry in the dryer until less damp, then hang on racks, is our favorite method. The dryer time eliminates all to most wrinkles.

When we lived in a condo that did not allow in-unit washers and dryers, we used a modified version of davtheram12’s #3, splitting one dryer cycle for two to three loads of wash (darks, lights, linens). BTW We all learned to wash things when dirty, not just because they had been worn once (with the exception of underwear and socks, of course).

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