ABN to FI(RE) :: 2019 -> 202?

Where are you and where are you going?
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ABN to FI(RE) :: 2019 -> 202?

Post by abn » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:47 pm


As most of you, im into this FIRE'y thing. Looking to improve life, and create a system around me and my family (fiancée and a 2 year old), that creates opportunities down the road, instead of the 'auto pilot' way of consuming our way through life.

I've been lurking for a year, and been planning to make a journal ever since. I've postponed it again and again and now a year later, i see it has become a habit. So thanks to Rube for just telling me to get started, even though i have so many good reasons to postpone it one more time, until i finish my master thesis i January 2020. So here we go..

As mentioned, i've been aware of FIRE for a year, but my mind has been entertained with theorising frugal strategy for quite some time, without knowing about FIRE. This means i've been tracking expenses for the last 3 years or so, and been consciously working towards lowering spending and constantly improving my numbers. A lot has changed though the last 3 years, also the way i've been putting the numbers together, so i will start out fresh here. Maybe in the worst situation possible, as i'm on my last 6 months of studying, and my state education grant is finished. This means i will have to live off of savings until February, which even though i planned this, hurts to see decreasing every month.

A few expectations to put up here now, and hopefully will be challenged during the process to the better:
- Perspective on FIRE, life values, expectations and priorities will change over time. This is an overwhelming journey, so i will leave some of the worries for later and focus on developing 'the system', strategy and what else is needed to reach 'goal' some day
- This path will bring so many worries and unknowns down the road, that will challenge my belief in this really happening. I'm from a classic 'consumerist' family where 'we weren't rich, but didn't need anything either', as my dad used to say. I want more than that, as i don't like possibilities my parents have today, not having too many opportunities in their retirement age. At the same time, because i didn't grow up knowing anything else (and definitely nothing about investing), i have to build up a lot of knowledge about investing and make decisions i never thought i'd make with money.
- Im born with a growth mindset and can't stand the status quo. This will most likely challenge me in the times where savings rate etc. is not improving or only improving slowly. At the same time, it will be the main driver. Im here to make sure, that this drive produces results, that is focused on what is important and not all over the place as i have a tendency to do (part of the answer to why im 30 and still studying...). Therefore this also will be a kind of reminder for what im trying to improve, and to set up goals for future development.

Numbers, strategy and other month to month stuff will be posted later this month, now is just for kickstarting this before ideas of postponing kicks in again.

Hope to get some good conversations with likeminded people here, and drive this as far as possible!

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Re: ABN to FI(RE) :: 2019 -> 202?

Post by rube » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:08 pm

Following. Good luck!

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'In process'

Post by abn » Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:02 pm

Planning on posting some numbers which covers 2018 and 2019. For 2019, i was working while studying with a savings rate of 40%. I am pretty happy with this result considering working while studying and having a 1 year old. Girlfriend also studies which means economy is quite tight these years, and was still able to save 40%, so looking forward with life with a salary.

I get a lot of ideas of how to self-improve. To change something, to rethink my life style, new (quite radical) career choices and what so ever. My problem is; it happens too often. So i stall for several months at the time, starting a new project every week, and never really reach anything worth mentioning. Last project i started was learning python programming. Something i haven’t touched through my last exam period but will like to pick it up again. I see it as a great skill and something i will be able to do from home some day, which might be combined with buying a cheap home in the countryside instead of overpriced apartments in Copenhagen.

In order to ‘get back on track’, i will have to clean my todolists, evernote, moleskin notebook and what else i have written down on papers laying around. I started this tonight, and it feels great and as a way of being ‘in process’, even though this was just a small step. Now my evernote inbox has only 2 or 3 entries instead of 100+ this evening. I guess i'm a hoarder of ideas and notes - while enjoying to throw out physical stuff. But i will have to try to apply this to the notes and ideas as well, so i keep moving forward and develop skills and strategy towards my goals.

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