Why The US Will Never Have High-Speed Rail

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Why The US Will Never Have High-Speed Rail

Post by Jason » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:48 am

The last conversation I had with my father was my frustration that the US did not have speed rail allowing me to visit him more often. I conjectured it was the Airline industry lobbying against it. Like most things, I was completely wrong.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions ... 5344c912e2

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Re: Why The US Will Never Have High-Speed Rail

Post by jacob » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:06 pm

Even "normal" speed trains would be an improvement. The average speed of all European [normal speed] trains is ~ the average speed of the fastest US train (Acela Express). In order to remedy this, a lot of existing rails need to be updated/replaced with better quality and the correct banking (or whatever the right curvature is called) for higher speeds.

The average speed of the Metra trains that serve Chicago from ~50 miles out is 30mph. THIRTY MILES PER HOUR! :o

However, even if all rails are replaced, the urban public transport system is often lacking comparatively. Trains aren't that useful if the first and last five miles are subject to the bus running late or not at all causing people to miss the train. Perhaps that could be "fixed" with Uber, etc. but we're really looking at a systemic problem.

Population density is the major obstacle. Same reason the best communications infrastructure (cell phone towers, fiber, ... ) is found in SEAS and the EU.

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Re: Why The US Will Never Have High-Speed Rail

Post by ZAFCorrection » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:57 pm

The final proposal for the California high speed rail is beyond hilarious. I grew up in the section of California (central valley) where it is slated to be built, and from start to finish there is nothing but car-centric suburbia and (mostly) farmland. I can't speak to Bakersfield's public transit, but I have spent time on Merced county buses and their system is horrible. No one is going to ride that thing.

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Re: Why The US Will Never Have High-Speed Rail

Post by Sclass » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:33 pm

Maybe I’m cynical about this, but my feeling the entire thing was just a fraud to give away taxpayer money to friends of the government.

I recently sold off a piece of family property outside of LA that was supposed to be right in the path a soon to be built high speed rail. Haha...but it was told to my grandmother in the 1970s. That’s right, Californians have been told this story multiple times by different people. My grandmother was sold land that would greatly appreciate in value when the rail would be finished in 1976. :lol: This is not the first time a high speed rail system has been planned. Same old same old. No rail just a lot of talk and money spent on “pilot projects” and “feasibility studies”. So when the new proposal came through and the man started borrowing money CA doesn’t have to build another I just sighed and gave up. Ripoff alert.

Corruption. That’s the real answer...I think. I drive by the Anaheim high speed terminal built a few years ago that has tracks to nowhere. A joke. They light it up all pretty at night.

The corruption in CA isn’t like the corruption in Ghana. It isn’t in your face but the system is full of it. It probably started when one family decided to take over the water system of the tiny city of LA 100 years ago. Or maybe when the rail baron Huntington built his ranches in the valley. Another example of people being rewarded for doing the wrong thing.

Different time. Different people. Same motives.

Wow how do you ride this gravy train?

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