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Dutch Journal berninger

Post by Berninger » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:21 am

Income from july.

A savingsrate from 21%.
We had some high expenses, like anual car repair at the dealer (750,-) and vacation.
Elektricity/gas is about 60-80 euros (we have solor panels). 140 is not correct. So we will get some money back from that at the end of the year.

Now we have 28k in the bank. We want to have a buffer of15-20k.

We are going to expand our garden in a few months with 4x6 meters. That is going to cost total about 6000,-. Every month i put half of what we save in our mortage. This month 400,- is going into the mortage.

I also want to start investing. With this is could use some help.
Any suggestions in what to invest. Because i am new to this. I prefer putting money in the mortage, because that seems saver then investing. However with investing we (should) get more interest.

-we have a house of 298k (bought in 2017). Mortage atm is 121k. If we de no extra payments , after 29 years time the mortage is 0. On top of that we put extra savings in our motage each month (when we can). So we will pay off our mortage earlier.

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