What blogs are you reading?

Your favorite books and links
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Post by Lepore64 »

So I know there are some good ones posted on the main page but what blogs are y'all reading nowadays? I have totally saturated myself with mrmoneymustache to the point of being sick, lol. I'm not sure if I just don't like his blog anymore or if I'm just burnt out on it.
Anyways, I'm looking for something that speaks to a young ERE wannabe like myself. I am zealous for the cause, and not afraid of challenge, but I haven't made a lot of progress yet since I only found out about retirement through frugality a few months ago. (although I just paid off my highest interest card today, woot!)
So please give me your reco's

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Post by chenda »

http://www.kenilgunas.com/?m=1 - this is a good blog if your interested in vagabonding
http://lackingambition.com - Mikebos who posts on this forum writes this, one of the best IMO
http://crippledcollie.com/wordpress - great blog if your interested in rural self sufficiency

Dream of Freedom
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I found my way here through tosimplify.net. It really captured my imagination. I found Mr Money Mustache through this blog and am enjoying it (no burnout yet).

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Post by m741 »

Well, here's the blogs I most enjoy (I follow a lot more):
* Brave New Life

* Code of Honor (programming)

* Jacques Mattheij (programming/engineering)

* Lacking Ambition

* Michael O Church (progamming/business organization)

* Mr Money Mustache

* Our Take on Freedom (RV/alternative living)

* Tynan (motivation/thoughts on life)

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Post by jennypenny »

I second

* Brave New Life

* Jacques Mattheij

* Lacking Ambition
I'll add

* Global Disaster Watch (I just can't help myself, plus I love the daily quotes)

* Ran Prieur

* Permies

* Happier than a Billionaire

* Code Name Insight

* Do the Math

* McSweeney's (internet tendency)

* The Last Psychiatrist (again, can't help myself)

* xkcd and new math

* Skillsfire

* Len Penzo (more for humor than $$ tips)

* Budgets are Sexy (ditto)
I won't bore everyone with all of the sites. It's no surprise I visit a lot of prepper sites, investing sites, and running sites.

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Post by Chad »

I don't read any personal finance blogs anymore, as there really isn't any new info. Though, I do still read some investing ones.
Investing blogs:

- Big Picture

- The Reformed Broker

- Sober Look

- Early Warning

- I, Cringley (spectacular tech blog with good info to invest on)

- Blog Maverick (Some good, some bad)
Non-financial/investing blogs:

- Contrary Brin (scientist and novelist)

- Global Guerillas (I don't agree with everything he says, but it's still interesting)

- Lifecourse (generational issues - co-wrote a few semi-famous books on the issue)

- Smart Football (Real football strategy, not the crap that ESPN and the networks feed us. Though, NFL Matchup on ESPN early Sunday morning is money.)

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Post by Dragline »

These days its mostly MMM, Big Picture (daily email), the Week (daily email) and Lifecourse.
And Jesse's Cafe Americain -- Have to say that's generally my favorite one these days about "big picture" items.

http://jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com/ He speaks my language on a lot of things.
Also PeakProsperity (formely Chris Martenson), but usually only for the interviews -- rest of site has gone to too much pay-per-view. I won't pay anyone for content. Sometimes OfTwoMinds (Charles Hughes Smith).
Mark's Daily Apple for health/fitness information. Art Devany and Nassim Taleb on FB.
I follow ZeroHedge, BusinessInsider, James Martin, SJ, Dan Ariely, Dan Pink, Mark Cuban, Freakanomics and the Economist on Twitter, but only click on things that look interesting.
On YouTube, I subscribe to Capital Account (awesome guests), RSAorg (love RSAnimate), and ConcordCoalition. And a Canadian indie band called "Walk Off The Earth" that does great covers.
My guilty pleasure is The Burning Platform -- screaming angry libertarian conspiracy theorists -- usually a lot of interesting links, but the "clientele" is pretty rough and often raunchy, racist and sexist. Blogger churns out great "Fourth Turning"-related articles occasionally.

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Post by JasonR »

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Post by RelicO »

Lepore, actually based on the criteria in your post I think there is a fantastic blog which inspires me to be frugal and actually led me to this website- that blog is

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Post by irukandjisting »

Heavy Heavy... for something lighter and for the adventurous -
Cycling Dutchgirl - One Life, Two Wheels
(fabulous and prgramtic, beautiful photography and so Oz)

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Post by Hoplite »

I recently found this blog which I'm still reading:
Written by a self-described average guy from the UK, it's more of a reflective journal than a self-help exhortation. Although the ERE book is on his reading list, he has followed a YMOYL path to where he is now, approaching FI after starting in a deep hole.
And he's even come to grips with the dreaded retirement word:
"Update: I've changed the blog tagline to "Building a new life...". Basically retirement is not the goal, a new life is..."

http://www.writingfromafar.com/2012/08/ ... iring.html

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Re: What blogs are you reading?

Post by Stahlmann »

I will bump it and derail it a little. There was topic recently about news sources, but let us discuss about less ,,formal" topics.

How about sites and blog you visit on daily grind basis?

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Re: What blogs are you reading?

Post by enigmaT120 »

I still read Scott Adams' blog, though he frequently annoys me. I go there to read Dilbert then read any new entries he has up.

Also MMM since it's pretty easy to keep up with his output. But I rarely go to those forums any more. Even I don't want to read that much!

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Re: What blogs are you reading?

Post by DSKla »

Scott Adams' blog was neat when it was teaching people about persuasion and analyzing the campaign through that lens. Now it's turned into him trying to convince his readers of ludicrous things using the same tricks he taught us, which makes it laughably transparent, and as enigma said, annoying. I still read Dilbert.

I don't have a twitter account, but I do bookmark Nassim Taleb's twitter feed because he often posts short articles or excerpts from his upcoming book that are very blog-like when read piecemeal.

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Re: What blogs are you reading?

Post by JasonR »

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Re: What blogs are you reading?

Post by fiby41 »

JasonR wrote:
Fri May 05, 2017 9:10 pm
I would like to amend my list above to include only:


and still the comic book and video game art nonsense
This site has been mentioned here quite often so I went there and read through.

Monks with guns

(Goes through the article, and few posts down)

It is sometimes right to fight in an unjust war

So apparently according to the site,

defending yourself against a neighbor who wants you dead because you don't follow the one true deen when all you wanted to do was sit at home and meditate is wrong

But going half the world across to wage a premeditated war on a sovereign territory and on civilians is perfectly alright.

In the last line it also somehow managed to mentions Kali Yuga. I've mentioned it in the Fourth Turning thread. No matter how you want to twist it to suit your prejudice, no verbal root of Kali Yuga translates into "age of destruction."
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Re: What blogs are you reading?

Post by jennypenny »

I want to change my list too. It seems like most bloggers are recycling old content or hiring ghostwriters to repackage it. I do check sites like resilience.org so I can see what's new in that part of the blogosphere. Same with ZH and a private prepper community. Most of the best new content seems to have moved to youtube/podcasts. I try to check Root Simple, Kunstler, AOM and some others on a somewhat regular basis, but the apparent death of JMG's blog feels like the end of an era to me.

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Re: What blogs are you reading?

Post by Dragline »

I also really have stopped reading blogs regularly -- the most interesting stuff does seem to have migrated to podcasts, augmented by lists of links, etc., which then feeds a reading list in my case.

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Re: What blogs are you reading?

Post by jacob »

Migration could be happening because the blogging field has been completely saturated. It' been 10-15 years now since blogging took off. Maybe there's just too many. Another reason could be wider usage of smartphones and iPads which is more about watching and listening than reading. It could also be generational ... we're beginning to have a lot of users who literally grew up with streaming as soon as they could use a device. Zuckerberg also believes videos to the future.

I feel older and older. I hope it's cyclical. I liked it more when people had actual websites. Nothing better than an oldschool 1990s style website full of info.

Question: So youtube seems to have some of the dumbest comments around (even on serious stuff). How are podcasts comments? I thought good comments were a big part the reason to switch from websites to blogs.

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Re: What blogs are you reading?

Post by black_son_of_gray »

"Video killed the radio star"... I wonder how much of the fade in blogging has to do with the commercialization of it. It is now (at least for a few, and the hopes of many) a job/career. People are crafting posts as products to sell to eyeballs rather than just communicating with their audience, expressing authentic viewpoints. I feel like there is a parallel in the social aspect of the web generally. In the 90's/early 00's, if you wanted to be 'on the web' and connect to others, you would hack up some DIY html. This was 100% your expression. Then there was MySpace, which had more structure, but still a lot of customization. Now Facebook is a form you fill out from drop down lists... but you get to add a picture!! woo! I think people flow into mediums where there is a sense of authenticity, then business models flow where the people have gone. Will the podcaster be the next blogger in 10 years?

I'm not against online businesses, but it seems like the more business-y the internet got, the less creative and community-oriented. The more flashy and entertaining the web became, the more passive and predefined it became. It now largely resembles cable television. The blogs I read (when I can find them) are still just text and pictures typically photographed or scanned by the author. If the blog is full of stock photos...

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