The Animal Published A Book!

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Western Red Cedar
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The Animal Published A Book!

Post by Western Red Cedar »

Well.... It has been more than a week since @theanimal released his new book. I'm going to take the liberty and create a new thread to promote it. I think it is worth celebrating when someone from the ERE community achieves something of this magnitude. Here are details on how you can find a copy if you haven't already.

I've seen it mentioned in a few journals, but wanted to draw more attention to it for lurkers and those who aren't tracking all of the journal activity.
theanimal wrote:
Tue Apr 09, 2024 12:01 pm
It's Alive!
Finally, today’s the big day! The book launched in all major online retailers. You can pick up a copy in any format on Amazon or go through your preferred outlet. I’m discounting the ebook on Amazon to $2.99 for a limited time. Physical copies and audiobook are available there as well.

The book is available on my website as well at a discounted rate to Amazon. I end up getting more royalty wise this way, even at a lower sales price. I also have some package options, combining things like the ebook, audiobook and paperback. For the physical copies, I’ll be doing the shipping via media mail, so it will be slower than Amazon. Unfortunately, paperback copies are currently on backorder due to some logistical issues, though they are expected to arrive this week. There’s not too much of a difference either way in terms of benefit to me, so if you’re interested in buying a copy and Amazon or something else is easier for you, feel free to go with that. If you do buy a copy and are willing to leave a review, it’d be a huge help!

Thanks for all your support and encouragement! I’m pleased to be able to share our story with a larger audience. And excited to finally do something else. :)
I read it in two days and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are links to the two podcasts I'm aware of where he talks about the book, the trail, the writing process, and more:

Advanced Retroadaptics with @axelheyst: ... pisode-030

Tangentially Speaking with Chris Ryan: ... -you-carry

*ETA new link
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Re: The Animal Published A Book!

Post by 7Wannabe5 »

Congratulations! Now on my must-read list.

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Re: The Animal Published A Book!

Post by ffj »

A lot has changed since that day I met you in Chicago. Congratulations and future success. And well done WRC.

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Re: The Animal Published A Book!

Post by theanimal »

Thank you, all!!

@WRC- Chris Ryan did put the episode on his website, but the link does not appear to be listed. Here's the link: ... -you-carry

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Re: The Animal Published A Book!

Post by IlliniDave »

Wow, so cool. Congrats! Just snagged the ebook. I'm going to try to save it for cruddy weather days once I get up to the hideout, with the hope it inspires me to make some of time there worth writing about aside from my random journaling. But the temptation to devour it immediately will be immense.

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Re: The Animal Published A Book!

Post by J_ »

@Animal I have read your printed book.
How open and straight written. What a struggle for you and mrs Animal. What a life start for your child.
Thanks to bring such an effort in words to life.
Thanks also for your photos, drawings by another member of the Ere-community and your practical tips.

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Re: The Animal Published A Book!

Post by sodatrain »

Recently got my copy! ;) I'm looking forward to reading it.

Congratulations, amigo!

Scott 2
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Re: The Animal Published A Book!

Post by Scott 2 »

I spent today with Animal's book. I've always enjoyed his journal and bought it as a show of support.

The story wildly exceeded my expectations. The adventure itself is engaging, and he offers far more than a log of events. Life philosophy. Relationship arcs. Moments of suspense and doubt. Even practical advice for someone attempting the same.

It's objectively a good book. For the right audience, exceptional. Very well edited too. You can see the time taken to refine it.

I didn't appreciate how challenging the trip was, until reading. I'd grasped pieces from his journal, but I didn't understand. It was truly a feat of physical endurance and mental toughness.

Animal is very humble about what they accomplished. That might be my one criticism. There are stories behind the story, a decade plus of training to be capable. I think it undersells how strong Animal and his wife are. Very few could peer with what they did.

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