Hello from the PNW!

Say hello!!
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Hello from the PNW!

Post by thef0x »

Hi all!

Excited to be a part of this community because I feel so at home reading the thoughts of other members. Absorbing the 'energy in the room' has been delightful.

Here's a bit about me:

36, male, entrepreneur, maker, husband, father to a 15 month old lil enchilada of joy.

Minimum work requirements today are two 15min exec staff check-ins, 50% of working days. Max work is whatever my biz partner and I think we should do. This has not always been the case! Getting here has taken just shy of 10 years.

I want to be known by others as:
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Generous
  • Hilarious
  • Quick witted
  • Strong
  • A writer
  • A husband
  • A father
  • A thinker
  • A listener
  • A creator
  • A friend

Some things I enjoy:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Tea
  • Designing and making outdoor gear
  • Investing / Finances / Money optimization
  • Hiking and backpacking
  • Weight training
  • Cooking
  • Film
  • Philosophy
  • Sci fi
  • DIY Tech
  • DIY anything (and whatever skills are required to obtain them)

Recent projects:
  • home made winter camping bivy using cheap ProVent material originally designed as PPE for ebola
  • DIY sauna using a 120v stove and a converted shed
  • full house automation with DIY smart air quality sensors (ikea air sensor + d1 mini) that trigger air filters and light senors that dynamically adjust lights brightness, voice controlled sauna
  • hot pepper cultivation including hot sauce production (even made my own labels because it's fun)

Recent places:

Joshua Tree
All over Spain*


Japan (1 month)
Superstition Mountains
Section J of PCT
France (maybe back to St Jean De Luz or explore new areas)


I now know the best way to calculate my networth is in my runway of years of retirement but because I don't have an exact pulse on spend, I don't know this exact number.

If I had to estimate, my current spend to net assets including my home is 3.82% - 4.44%. If we remove the house, as it's not income generating, it's 6.37% - 7.4%. This is a huge range!

I've decided to get much more specific about tracking our spending in 2024. I think this will give me confidence knowing how close we are to FIRE even if I'm super-part-time-barista-FIRE right now.

Okay! Hopefully that was a good start. Excited to meet everyone here. I feel like I found my people.

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Re: Hello from the PNW!

Post by chenda »

Welcome Mr Fox:))

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Re: Hello from the PNW!

Post by AxelHeyst »

Welcome Fox! Sounds like you’ll fit right in.

Fee free to post pics/details of your home automation system somewhere round here, that sounds neat. :D

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Re: Hello from the PNW!

Post by Vespasian »

Hey Fox! Lots in common with you -- also from the PNW (Walla Walla), recently lived on Oahu and in Bozeman, love hiking in the Superstitions, and tons of overlap on the interests side. Hope this forum is helpful for ya! I'm still trying to get off the ground financially as I prepare to graduate college, but the folks on here are so knowledgeable that it's easy to "get it" and take money (and lifestyle) seriously.

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Re: Hello from the PNW!

Post by mountainFrugal »

Welcome thef0x!

I look forward to following along.
thef0x wrote:
Wed Jan 31, 2024 1:44 pm
father to a 15 month old lil enchilada of joy.
Green or Red Chili Sauce? ;)

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Re: Hello from the PNW!

Post by thef0x »

@Chenda continued good luck on your extended break!

@Axel* (temporary dyslexia) read a good chunk of your blog, thx for the green coffee tip, 20lbs already here and I'll probably make the roaster tomorrow (6 cup flour sieve + heat gun), so thx for your effort posting -- it's valued.

@Vespasian - congrats on what sounds like a lot of life-success before finishing school. Positioned to kick life's ass early. More than anything, being young but excited about freedom is really really wonderful. I think the coolest part of this forum is seeing everyone have that same "doing life with excitement" attitude. If you like hiking/Superstitions/Bozey, my guess is there's an overlap with MYOG at least. LMK what you're excited about making next/first, for me: gotta make my kiddo's first backpack and think I'll use scraps for that multi-textured/multi-color look!

@mountainFrugal - definitely a lil adobo, chile rojo baby. Can't wait to take him out to the Southwest for those red colors.

Thank you all for the warm welcome!

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Re: Hello from the PNW!

Post by sodatrain »

welcome! just finding your threads.

I've been working to better (more suscinctly) articulate my values to help frame goals and make decisions. I really like your "I want to be known bu others as...." list. I added it to values notes! Thank you.

Nice energy in your posts!

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Re: Hello from the PNW!

Post by thef0x »

Hey sodatrain, thanks for that, sometimes it's odd to find your own voice in such a bustling community so your words mean a lot.


One other way to think about admiration is how we admire our hero's.. but it's best done only if we've learned a bit about them ;)

Nietzsche was a real smartypants but damn his life kinda sucked! I admire his heterodox thinking and willingness to criticize literally everyone (but Emerson? lol?) but I know my life is way more fun than his (I'll pass on the syphilis and late stage, horse-borne insanity). It's easy for us to get seduced by the allure of "what they do / accomplished" and not "who they are" -- think of all of those books about morning routines, as if somehow the order of coffee and sunlight will turn me into an Olympian.

Rather, borrowing from Tim Ferriss, I try to ask myself: so I think I want to be like this person in some way.. but what is it about them that I admire? That's my North star and eventually, I hope, I can become the person / hodgepodge of traits I admire in others.

From reading your own story, I admire your fearlessness in changing things up at a stage in life where most people calcify into boringness. I hope to deepen that "spontaneous wisdom" in myself.

Cheers to growing, changing, and becoming better!

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Re: Hello from the PNW!

Post by sodatrain »

It is my pleasure, thef0x!

This community has been very valuable to be part of. I really love it, despite my sporadic participation.

Based on how it went last year (phenomenally), I would highly recommend EREfest 2024 hosted my @AxelHeyst in early September 4 hours outside of LA.

It promises to be a fantastic couple of days with other forumites in real life. It's very high on my list of priorities for the year.

Regarding my own story... Hehe thanks. Its taken a while to embrace the desires in my head but year after year, since starting, it's been a really great experience to embrace belonging instead of trying to fit in. As let your true colors shine (freak flag fly?), and increasingly find yourself with people who are also flying their flags - finding community and your people. Not just trying to fit in and shape your projection of who you are for an audience. Brene Brown planted this idea for me in one of her books. Fitting in was for high school. It was this practice that lead me to participating here and making the leap to join EREfest 2023. Low-ish risk. Massive reward.

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