Female role in series "Happy FIRE Relationship & Bicycle tour around the World"

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Female role in series "Happy FIRE Relationship & Bicycle tour around the World"

Post by PeterJ1981 »

[Apart from "FIRE" which is of course an integral part of this forum by writing it I'd like to inject a bit of humour] 😉

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I'd like to announce a casting for the main female role in a long-length series titled "Happy FIRE Relationship & Bicycle tour around the World".

FIRE & FIRE=CAMPFIRE 😃 (hopefully not conflagration!).

The action takes place in middle-size charming "gem" located next to the popular ski resorts & Karkonosze mountain range called Jelenia Góra (Poland, https://visitpoland.eu/my-town/ ) -the place of permanent residence of the "director" 😉 and at the same time one of the two main characters & in your place.

The characters believe that it is possible to form a valuable relationship between two people who love each other and treat life as an interesting adventure.

They go through subsequent stages of acquaintance, starting from camaraderie, through friendship, which finally turns into mature & conscious love.

The plot is full of twists and turns, but above all it is a story about the relationship of two whole halves who do not look for fulfillment in the other person, but someone who, by inspiring and influencing each other, will allow another one to reach the next level of maturity. It is the creation of a new valuable chapter in both of their lives.

The director planned to make 5 seasons of the series:

•Season 1 “They talk and discover each other.”

•Season 2 "Bicycle trip around Poland & your country".

•Season 3 "Bicycle tour around the World"

•Season 4 (if both want it): "Birth of a child and upbringing in a patriotic spirit and at the same time curiosity and acceptance of the surrounding world" and who knows... maybe a repetition of Season 2 or 3 in an enlarged "team"

•Season 5 "They live happily ever after" without forgetting that life is not only eternal idyll, but also challenges that must be faced together and constant learning and discovery.

This is the role for you if:

•your contract with your previous "employer" 😉 was effectively terminated and the "notice period" 😉 has expired
•you are looking for a unique, dynamic workplace where there is no room for boredom and the director tries to treat every day as one micro-life, and at the same time you also take the initiative to spend time together
•you are open to the world and people
• you can draw conclusions and strive for compromise,
•you don't have any addictions,
•you have a sense of humor and self-distance,
•empathy, truth, helping other people, honesty are values that are familiar for you
• you are active. You play sports and like sport & think that weekend spent cycling or hiking is a perfect idea for an active rest
• during so-called "lazy time" you like to listen to an interesting podcast, read a book, watch an ambitious movie, go for a walk... so that we can also "rub our brains"
•your "fuel" is among others: curiosity about the world and people; you draw energy from a newly discovered bicycle/hiking route, you're a person for whom talking to a new person or trying/cooking a new dish is also a micro-adventure. In other words, who values the quality of time spent.
•In addition to "nutrition for mind and body", you also value food for your stomach. I'm a "foodie"; I like good food (although it doesn't show on me, because I burn it faster than I consume it) and I also cook myself. I believe that good food is also a "carrier of feelings" between people and I like to cook together from time to time.

What benefits await for you?

•stable employment - after a positive trial period 😉, an employment contract for an indefinite period
• attractive, extensive motivational system: bicycle trips, mountain hikes, watching movies together on the big screen, reciprocating your commitment through regular dates and not only during the period of getting to know each other, conversations, pancakes or home-made dinner
•keeping spirits up in bad times and helping hand in solving problems
• cooperation with a reader of general and child psychology (because preparation for potential family begins with awareness and knowledge)
•work in a relaxed atmosphere featuring music hits from the '70s, '80s and '90s
•private medical care - if you catch a cold, I will make you a cup of warm tea and go to the pharmacy for medicine (if home methods fail)
•freshly ground coffee and homemade cheesecake
•a place for your two-wheeler in a safe haven, i.e. in the so-called "The Men's Den" 😊 garage)

In formal terms, the main male character is 188 cm tall, has a sporty figure, higher education, "clean slate" (no ex-wifes, kids etc.) and is fully independent. Has been "on his own" for a long time (no mortgage, credits etc.). Cash is a KING. Plus bonds.

It would be nice if you also work 100% remotely (though of course this is not a "condition"), because then we could travel & work together at least partially.

If you decide to write to me - piotrekj81@gmail.com, I'd like to read also an extended message about yourself etc.
Logistically of course Europe is a natural choice however I do not exclude "continental relationships". Never say never !

Btw it's me: https://visitpoland.eu/about-me/

PS. I have already done several large bicycle trips ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 km (EU, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand). You are in good hands 🙂 (http://roweremdookolapolski.seohost.com.pl/)
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Re: Female role in series "Happy FIRE Relationship & Bicycle tour around the World"

Post by mathiverse »

Good luck in your search! The job sounds lovely. :)

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Re: Female role in series "Happy FIRE Relationship & Bicycle tour around the World"

Post by AxelHeyst »

You had me at "rub our brains" and "cheesecake". Bummed I don't meet your criteria otherwise I'd apply. Good luck!

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Re: Female role in series "Happy FIRE Relationship & Bicycle tour around the World"

Post by jacob »

I think this wins the prize for creative dating ad. Which I gather is what this was ...

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Re: Female role in series "Happy FIRE Relationship & Bicycle tour around the World"

Post by 7Wannabe5 »

What a good idea. I think it would be great if more humans offered clear (and interesting/appealing) relationship contract as opposed to nebulous default to conventional. If I was 30 years younger, and more sporty than bookish... ;)

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