Buying a New Computer + A Sad Story

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Re: Buying a New Computer + A Sad Story

Post by jacob »

Yesterday I learned about fan-curve hysteresis. Apparently, the fan was set up as a bang-bang controller to go on at T>50C and switch off at T<50C with the result that it was pulsing regularly for 1 second every five seconds at T~50C(*). Wirr........Wirr.......Wirr. Weird that this was the default setup. Even weirder that there was an easy way to fix it if only you knew how, thanks google.

(*) I set the computer up with rivatuner and MSI afterburner to show various CPU and GPU data in the corner of the screen so I'll have a good idea/feel for how it's affected by different environmental temperatures.

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Re: Buying a New Computer + A Sad Story

Post by Tyler9000 »

I'm a stickler for PC noise and prioritize silent builds, so thermal optimization has always been an interest. I recommend Fan Control for controlling every fan in your system and HWiNFO for monitoring every sensor. They're both free and very powerful.

Pulsing fans on CPUs are definitely annoying. Hysteresis is an easy fix. Fan Control can also do fancy things like control a fan using a rolling temperature average rather than an instantaneous value. And for modern CPUs designed to run hot, I've found that an AIO liquid cooler does a better job of managing spikes compared to air coolers. But that's probably overkill for your needs.

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