Germany Meetup

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Re: Germany Meetup

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shelob wrote:
Sat Jan 27, 2024 11:31 am
I don’t know why there would be problems with that. (And I find talking about certain subjects easier in English, anyway.) But it might be advantageous if you’re ok with hearing non-English conversations in the background :)
Sounds good to me!
Loutfard's ERE fest will be too far for me this year since I'm trying not to fly, so definitely interested in a closer meet-up over a weekend if dates work out! As long as it's accessible by train/public transport.

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Re: Germany Meetup

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I am also interested in joining. I live in Bavaria (Landshut) and could travel by public transport/train.
In the meantime I'm thinking about starting a Journal to get started on my way to ERE.

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Re: Germany Meetup

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Great to see so much interest!
Maybe we should start suggesting weekends. @Jean since you offered to host, would you like to suggest a weekend that's convenient for you? Thank you very much!

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Re: Germany Meetup

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ok, i'll check for a week end.
Are most peoples ready to leave Germany for the meet up?

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