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Re: Life is a Daring Adventure | The Inspiration Thread

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On a less daring and adventurous note but a rich and highly enjoyable activity, I would highly recommend walking the Camino Primitivo before it gets too popular (which it might after Martin Sheen & Co release their follow up to the original movie : The Way).

It starts in Oviedo Spain and takes you through the hills and mountains of Asturias before merging with the Camino Frances in Melide and on to Santiago de Compostela. Length is about 200 odd miles. We did it this Spring and it was by far the nicest Camino route we've walked so far (Portuguese was next best, Frances the least least at current levels of popularity). Wonderful scenery, culture, food and not crowded.

So here's to having your own adventures, they might not be news worthy but they will be yours!

(Planning to go back in Fall and walk the Camino de Madrid and the San Salvador).

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Re: Life is a Daring Adventure | The Inspiration Thread

Post by theanimal »

We met a 75 year old guy on the trail last week that I added to my mental list of people who refuse to let age dictate how they are supposed to live. He grew up surfing in Santa Cruz, CA and in the late 60s went surfing around the world. On that trip, one of his friends introduced him to whitewater rafting. Not long after, he got a job working as a river guide on the Grand Canyon and did that for 6 months a year for 20 years. He had 4 kids along the way so needed a bit more income and he decided to become a carpenter. Eventually he somehow came to own a hotel and language school in Costa Rica. In 2011, he hiked the entire PCT. He came back to hike through Washington again because it was snowing and raining the first time he did so. Last year he hiked nearly all of the Continental Divide Trail (at 74!!). Before this trip, he hiked the Arizona Trail and afterwards he will be going to finish what he didn't get to on the CDT. We came away from meeting him very inspired.

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Re: Life is a Daring Adventure | The Inspiration Thread

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Even if he were to suffer a fatal accident on the trail at 75 it sure beats decaying in place. Admirable!

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Re: Life is a Daring Adventure | The Inspiration Thread

Post by Ego »

Brandon Leonard, the guy responsible for that wonderful video @jennypenny posted ten years ago, about the guy turning 35, has a new one where he attempts the 7 summits (of his neighborhood).

Takeaway, "There are two types of people, those who have fun and those who create their own fun."

He also pokes fun at the Helen Keller and the quote that is the title of this tread.

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Re: Life is a Daring Adventure | The Inspiration Thread

Post by AxelHeyst »

Matt, who was a guest on my podcast a few episodes back, wrote a four-parter on his FIRE/life journey up till nowish with an emphasis on the practical philosophical question of what to do with your life. Worth the read.
Freedom or a stable path? Turns out that I didn't have to choose. Instead, I took the hybrid approach with FIRE. Just work that plan in a disciplined way, and freedom is just a matter of time. Discipline equals freedom. But once you get there, then what? That's a tough one. For me, questions of whether my life has been or will be worthwhile took over. Is this it? What, you just gonna sail and climb and build stuff for yourself and ignore the possibility of making the world cooler for everyone? It could be so much better than it is! And it stands to get so much worse if people that have the capacity don't do anything about the decay!

I don't know how to live. I don't even know how much longer I will live. But I might live.

So keep trying new answers. No, you won't get it right, but maybe it'll be interesting. Anyway, the other option is pretty boring.

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Re: Life is a Daring Adventure | The Inspiration Thread

Post by zbigi »

AxelHeyst wrote:
Sun Aug 27, 2023 10:12 am
Worth the read.
That was excellent.

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Re: Life is a Daring Adventure | The Inspiration Thread

Post by NewBlood »

I was reading the ERE-style website thread and saw this:
AxelHeyst wrote:
Fri Apr 21, 2023 11:58 am
(also just posting 'cool minimalist website' for inspiration: I got on to these people from @crusader. They live on a boat and make art and games and are anarchists I think. What's not to love?)
I haven't read a lot of their content but found this video:

I really like their humor and they seem to be great examples of ERE. Thanks, AH and Crusader, for pointing to them!

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