Escaping Flatland

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Escaping Flatland

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Henrik Karlsson, tweeting as @phokarlsson & writing on lesswrong, is publishing many good things on his Substack titled Escaping Flatland

Two I'd like to highlight and feature:

1. The series on social graphs
First we shape our social graph; then it shapes us
Can also be found on Lesswrong without the Paywall
Scraping training data for your mind
A blog post is a very long and complex search query to find fascinating people and make them route interesting stuff to your inbox

On publishing, ending up in better milieus, and learning a lot

2. The series on Trust and Markets

Networks of Trust vs Markets
Scaling Networks of Trust

On using social capital to pay for things (very ERE) and then scaling that across wider networks

I think those five posts would jive rather well with most topics discussed in this form.

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Re: Escaping Flatland

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Loved the first series, thanks for sharing! Now I also need to find out what this lesswrong site is about...

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