Howdy, this is ABRAM

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Howdy, this is ABRAM

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Hi Folks, I'm Abram, getting started here finally with the journaling. Here's a little bit about me:

24 years old.
Raised in Western North Carolina, moving back next month.
Currently training kick boxing in Pai, Thailand.
Read ERE last fall, lurked the main site for the last two months.
Single, no kids. Some college debt but nothing crippling.
Healthy checking account and a head start on retirement already in the bank (assuming the banks don't all crash this week).

I worked for two years at a big company after finishing college, hated it, saved some money, and quit to travel in May of 2022. I hiked the Appalachian Trail for two months and learned just how little I needed to live happily from that experience. I vowed to never live in an apartment again after that trip.

I am returning to the workforce with a part time online job later this month in sales. The perks of this are self explanatory, I need only a phone or laptop to work, and I can do it anywhere in the world, while working a full time job.

I will also be working in white water rafting this April if things go to plan. One perk of this gig is that I can rent a room at the company house, turning my transportation time and monetary costs into nothing!

I imagine you'll all hate to hear that I plan to purchase a NEW vehicle on CREDIT next month. I love cars and used to drive UBER part time, which I plan to start again with said vehicle. This means I'll also need a cell phone plan with unlimited data, ANOTHER terrible financial idea, but one that I justify in my mind as income producing. To further rationalize vehicle ownership, I also make frequent road trips across North Carolina, a luxury afforded by always having a place to stay with family. I have been burned badly financially by used cars in the past and I welcome predictions on how badly this new one will wreck me!

I'm excited to be a part of this community and learn from everyone on the forum as my goals evolve. See ya!

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