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Long time lurker, may have even had another account way back in the day.

Used to be a dividend blogger (DividendGamer), got a bit of exposure by coining the concept of a way to look at daily dividend income in the blog-o-sphere. "FDDI" (Future Daily Dividend Income), by computing your yearly dividend income into a set 365 day number.

So for example, if you made $435 a year this would equal $1.19 FDDI.

Wrote a few guest articles on other retirement blogs, a few local interviews as a Millennial investor.

This was way before the FIRE movement picked up steam before that term even existed, back when early-retirement.org was the main website, before people like MMM/JL Collins, Dividend Mantra, Dividend Growth Investor etc were around I think around 2007-2009.

Looks like a lot of them quit like me for other things in life to do lol, a lot of my old bloggers I looked back at they stopped around 2012-2016

Also a semi-retired professional gamer (Dalor/Varkeer/TC Mute), of a bunch of different games/teams over the years.

I work at Fidelity nowadays, and also am a pretty successful forex trader.

Working towards real estate purchasing now and building up more in my dividends via 401k/Roth IRA and a few disparate individual accounts.

Still have all of my old notes, and articles and books from my blogging days, I could probably compile them into several books I could write, which amounts to about 4-7 books at least worth of material. And my personal library has ballooned up to well over 200+ finance and investing related books, had to donate a lot of them with a recent move, but kept the best ones.

Plus I could write out my trading strategy too, if I was so inclined.

Not sure how much I will post, but wanted to say hi to everyone!

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