Natural Gas Cost Comparison

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Natural Gas Cost Comparison

Post by sky »

Here is a breakdown of my natural gas bill, please add yours below.

Michigan, USA
Our natural gas is billed by the CCF, which stands for 100 cubic foot, which is 2.83 cubic meters.

The gas bill includes a customer charge, which is $0.43 per day, and a bundle of volumetric charges, which total $1.07 per CCF. The volumetric charges include Gas Cost Recovery, Distribution Charge, and Reservation Charge, which I have bundled together in the above $1.07 per CCF. There is a sales tax of 4% on the total of the customer and volumetric charges.

During the period from August 12 to September 13 meter readings, I used 5 CCF of natural gas, or 14.2 cubic meters. The home heating furnace was shut off during this period, so this amount reflects hot water and gas cookstove use.

The charges for my house from mid August to mid September over a period of 32 days totaled $19.81, or $0.62 per day.

Breaking this down, the customer charge was $13.68, this is a fixed charge which I pay every month. The volumetric charges were $5.37. The sales tax was $0.76.

The total bill of 19.81 divided by the use of 5 CCF is $3.96 per CCF, or $1.40 per cubic meter.

Sidenote: In spring of this year, we replaced a tank water heater with an on-demand water heater. Comparing 2022 use to 2021 use:

July 2021: 11 CCF
July 2022: 5 CCF
August 2021: 8 CCF
August 2022: 4 CCF
September 2021: 8 CCF
September 2022: 5 CCF

During this period there was no home heating furnace use, just hot water and cookstove use.

I am interested in what others are paying for natural gas, especially those in Europe.

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Re: Natural Gas Cost Comparison

Post by bostonimproper »

Boston, USA

We average ~10 therms (pretty close to CCF) from May to September when we turn off heating. Gas stovetop and tank water heater.

August we paid $26.52 for 10 therms, averaging $2.65/therm. $10 of cost is static customer charge, with variable $1.65/therm on top.

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Re: Natural Gas Cost Comparison

Post by chenda »

I don't use Gas but my parents do for heating (not cooking) Their monthly gas and electric combined is currently about £314 (~ $362) and I think the Gas part is about a third of that. So about $120 to heat a 4 bedroom house.

Although the government are starting to fix the price and every household is getting a £400 deduction spread out over the next 6 months.

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Re: Natural Gas Cost Comparison

Post by henrik »

sky wrote:
Sun Sep 18, 2022 10:27 am
I am interested in what others are paying for natural gas, especially those in Europe.
In Estonia --
0.44€/m3 in June 2021
1.63€/m3 in June 2022
2.65€/m3 in Sep 2022
4.10€/m3 in Oct 2022
...before network charges and VAT. 1€=$1. Some government subsidies promised for home heating starting October (general election in March:)), also prices are currently expected to fall somewhat in the coming months.

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