Existential Dread discussion

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Existential Dread discussion

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I feel like this thread needs a bump ... lots of talk of meaning again in the journals. People should go back to the beginning and watch some of the earlier videos. I particularly like Alastair Humphreys' video on eleutheromania.

Sometimes finding meaning isn't as hard as people make it out to be. And sometimes you'll look back at times you were pursuing being you (whoever you were at the moment) and realize that there was meaning in the endeavor, even if you couldn't see it at the time. Gretchen Rubin has a mantra "Be Gretchen" that I find a good guide when I'm feeling rudderless ... 'be jennypenny'.

The overexamined life is not worth living any more than the unexamined one. Get out and do stuff, and when you're exhausted from all the doing you'll have time to sift through it and see what brought you meaning (or you'll discover that the search for meaning isn't as important as advertised -- that it's a coping mechanism for difficult times but not a required component of every day life).

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Re: Existential Dread discussion

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That was a nice video. I agree, overthinking can be problematic.

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