Energy usage log

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Re: Energy usage log

Post by Saltation »

In terms of usage I think it is appropriate to convert therms to kwh and then total them up. That is what I will do. When my wife and I moved to our home (2050 above grade square feet) the average bill at this address was $178.00 per month. I am unsure of actual energy usage breakdowns. We have been in our home for ~14 months and if we budget billed the bill would now be 123.00 per month. In terms of actual fixed charges they total $455.52 per year. Fixed charges constitute about 30% of our actual bill. As DLJ previously posted in our area energy conservation saves us about $10-20 per month on average giving us very little incentive to actually reduce our energy consumption.

Total electricity usage for 14 months: 8,133 kwh.
Total natural gas usage for 14 months: 817 therms x 29.3kwh/therm = 23,938 kwh.

Total 14 month kwh: 32,071

2,291 kwh/month

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Re: Energy usage log

Post by Alphaville »

i went down to 350kwH per month for two people in march-april but now i fear it will go up due to a/c usage at night due to unavoidable sleep requirements.

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Re: Energy usage log

Post by niemand »

Three person household here. On average we used 6.4kWh per day over the last year (my town‘s average for three person households is 14.4kWh per day).

As per the usage log obtained from my electricity retailer we use 3kWh of the 6.4kWh during light hours. As I installed solar last month*, light hour usage is covered by solar now (aka free), meaning we should only get charged for 3.4kWh going forward. In addition we will also receive solar grid feed-in credits from the system’s overproduction.

* My 2.64kWh capacity solar system is projected to produce 9.5kWh per day on average, but depending on season production will range5 kWh per day in winter to 15kWh per day in summer.

I’m expecting our rates charges will drop by 75% vs. last year. I shall report back when I’ve got a year’s worth of data.

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Re: Energy usage log

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Great thread.

Our (couple of 2) unit in Australia is around 80m2 with ducted gas heating and terrible insulation (windows, walls and floors have basically no insulation, only the ceiling has some cellulose incorporated). Water is also heated using gas.
We use electricity for the stove, oven, computer, etc

Gas usage: 1,270 kWh per month or 42 kWh per day. Cost AUD 133 out of which 21% are for the supply charge. So approx AUD 0,20/kWh.
Electricity usage: 165 kWh per month or 5,5 kWh per day. Cost AUD 108,5 out of which 32% are for the supply charge. So approx AUD 0,44/kWh, quite pricey compared to the US. Interestingly, in my areaa household of 2 apparently uses 12 kWh on average so we are using less than half of the average.

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Re: Energy usage log

Post by niemand »

[Rant] To my surprise, when I received my first electricity bill after getting Solar installed, I found out that I was switched into a new tariff that is no good for me and that I apparently can’t get out off (unless I turn my PV system off).

Turns out that Ausnet, the monopoly^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h distributor that supplies all the electricity in my area, can force the electricity retailers in my area to limit their tariff offers, and is forcing solar homes like mine into time-of-use tariffs, wtf :evil:

Seems nothing can be done about this. Complaints to the ombudsman by other victims^h^h^h^h^h^h^h solar owners went nowhere in the past.

Gone is a chunk of the savings I was projecting! This is something I did not have on the radar when I invested in Solar back in May, and I’ll have to rejig my simulations to see what this means in terms of ROI. It was an unknown unknown to me and I’m pretty sure payback will take longer than originally anticipated.

Alas, what to do, what can be done?

I’m contemplating buying a chunk of Ausnet stock (ASX:AST) when the price is right. Then the fuckers^h^h^h^h^h^h^h company will pay me a dividend which will offset their tariff rip-off^h^h^h^h^h^h^h change. A la if you can’t beat them, buy them :twisted:


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Re: Energy usage log

Post by Lemur »

Umm...been a long time since I've calculated this. But our Sept. bill was $135.00 which comprised of the energy charges, distribution charges, taxes, etc., IOW the full bill.

We used 1126 kWh. The energy rate was $0.057379/kWh. Math says this cost us $64.61. The bill says $69.92 @ $0.0621 energy charge. Close enough.

I was interested in finding this information about my utility service:

Renewable Energy: 16.13%
Conventional Energy: 83.87%

My state by legislation has to reach a 25% energy target by 2020.... ... Republican.

In the meantime....Lemur needs to create habits to emit less CO2 in the air. We do well in the Spring/Summer but start getting FUBAR'd in the winter. I thought we were at least beating the American average...being environmentally conscious and all....but we lost. ... er%20month.
In 2019, the average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer was 10,649 kilowatthours (kWh), an average of about 877 kWh per month. Louisiana had the highest annual electricity consumption at 14,787 kWh per residential customer, and Hawaii had the lowest at 6,296 kWh per residential customer.

Thermostat Wars it is....

Things that cost us electricity....

- Heating / AC
- Oven
- Water Heater
- Air Fryer
- Refrigerator
- Washer
- Dryer
- Various phone charges
- TV / Ps3
- Laptop
- Portable Fans
- Lights

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Re: Energy usage log

Post by Salathor »

Last year we sold our house and moved into a rental (1200 sq ft down to 850). I was excited for the potential energy savings in the winter, especially because the heater was in a better location in the new house. Unfortunately, after 9 months, we have now found that our power use has approximately doubled.

Turns out that tankless water heaters are worth the money. In our old house we were regularly $30-$50 per month; but in the new one, using less power almost all the time, we're running 75-90, solely due to the less efficient heater. What a bummer.

If we owned the house it would be time to seriously consider an upgrade. At that rate (30-60 per month, fully half of our power use) it could well pay for itself in a year or two.

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Re: Energy usage log

Post by oldbeyond »

I was interested in the proportions of different types of energy used in the household. I found this: ... households

It’s perhaps not really to compare very different forms of energy by kWh, but I found it somewhat enlightening. For us, yearly usage is as follows for two adults and a toddler:

- Around 11000 kWh for space heating (roughly, using the energy rating times the area of our apartment, also influenced by how high the termostat is set and the weather in a given year. Paid collectively by the co-op so I don’t know the exact usage). Old somewhat refurbished apartment of 70 square meters.
- Around 3500 kWh for hot water (this is a guess as hot water is paid for by the co-op collectively, but should be a reasonable estimate).
- Our electricity usage was 2700 kWh for the past year. We cook on a induction stove and water for the dishwasher and washing machine is heated by electricity (the default around here). No AC.
- (For transportation, we will drive 2000 km or so this year, around 140 liters of gasoline. 9,1 kWh to a liter of gasoline gives 1275 kWh. The rest is walking/biking.)

In total 17200 kWh (18475 kWh including transportation).

65% space heating, 20% hot water, 15% electricity. Very similar to the EU average per the above link. It’ll be interesting to compare these numbers with those for our new house, when I’ll have the data next year.

In terms of carbon impact:

- (11000 + 3500) kWh * 12,8 g carbon dioxide eq/kWh = 0,19 tons. [municipal district heating, meaning captured waste energy and incinerated forestry waste]
- 2700 * 13 = 0,04 tons. [national grid average carbon intensity]
- (2000 * 140 = 0,28 tons [gasoline powered station wagon])

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Re: Energy usage log

Post by fiby41 »

89 kWh in November 2020 .
101 kWh in October 2020 .
85 kWh in September 2020 .
164 kWh in August 2020 .
0 kWh in July 2020 .
95 kWh in June 2020 .
85 kWh in November 2021.
74 kWh in October 2021.
65 kWh in September 2021.
73 kWh in August 2021.
72 kWh in July 2021.
122 kWh in June 2021.

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Re: Energy usage log

Post by grundomatic »

Solar salesman dropped by today, since I dug up the numbers I figured I would share them here.

2 people, ~1400sqft house in Tucson, AZ.

Monthly average of 453 kWh over the past 2 years, usage being ~150 during the winter months and ~1,000 during the summer months.

Eyeballing the natural gas bill and using the conversion provided above, looks like that adds another 80 kWh per month.

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