Remote, part-time job ideas

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Remote, part-time job ideas

Post by flightmode »

  • M 34 UK
  • Full-time job - military aviation
  • Subsidiary incomes - movie extra
  • Training in - coding/cyber security
I'm looking for recommendations for part-time remote job ideas I can do on my days off.

I generally work a shift pattern of 5-6 days on, 3-4 days off, so I've often got a few mid-week days off. I'm planning to leave the military in 5½ years to pursue a coding/cyber security career I can do remotely for the rest of my working life, and I'm training in this in my spare time too, but I'd ideally like to add a few extra remote working days a month, the proceeds of which would just go into my investment portfolio.

Annoyingly my days off are different each week so trying to get part-time work locally has been frustrating as they generally want you to work the same days every week.

Any ideas?

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Re: Remote, part-time job ideas

Post by sky »

Do you have something like Doordash or Ubereats where you live?

Its not really remote, but the time of work is very flexible and the pay is not bad.,

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Re: Remote, part-time job ideas

Post by Bz5 »

Remember that most problems are social problems in nature.

The bar is actually quite low for mutual value exchange.

Why do billionares still get subway? Why the fuck would they associate with people so beneath them?

I recommend Tutoring, teaching English and Math.

People think they have to be 80% good at something to begin to make a failing kidney stream of income.

Start at 33% good. That can happen in a month. Normal flow rate goes from there.

If you say you are good at it and can line up a zoom call to teach it for money, then the only thing lost is a little time.

Act now.

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Re: Remote, part-time job ideas

Post by canoe »

I second tutoring, especially for coding once you're skilled enough.

I was able to get 2 students (first-year uni students) at C$50/hour for remote tutoring just by posting Kijiji/Craigslist ads. I offered half-hour free trial sessions. I'm sure I could have gotten more students but I got too stressed in other areas so I deleted my ads and just finished the semester with those two.

There are also lots of parents eager to get their kids into STEM these days, that could be a market to target.

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