Going card free?

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Re: Going card free?

Post by Jean »

Where is it illégal to use cash to buy a car?

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Re: Going card free?

Post by JollyScot »

I started to switch back to using cash wherever possible. Partly to get rid of the ease of just spending when out and partly because I don't like the general direction of the digitisation of everything with no alternatives.

I use the credit card for any large purchases or any online purchases and when in person I will use cash. If I can buy it easily in person then I will do that instead of online.

Aware a lot of people are happy with the convience of the centralised systems. However the path of a digital only currency does not fill me with much confidence so I will make the switch where I can. Probably pointless against the mass of those who are not interested. However thinking that way would mean no one making a stand on anything.

So far the only issue I have had a couple of very small places (vans/trucks) that seem to be card only and then some of the larger companies that don't accept cash now. Generally they couldn't refuse cash if they did not explicitly say so in advance. So there are a lot more upfront signs of no cash.

Our discretionary spend has come down since making the switch. We never had much anyway so it is mostly paying for our food at this point.

Property Fees

Not possible in cash without large penalty extra costs.

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Re: Going card free?

Post by oldbeyond »

Around here a lot of places don’t accept cash anymore (“we’re a cash free store”). And a lot of transportation options require mobile payment/an app. The places that accept cash often relegate it to 1-2 checkout lines and if you want a larger sum refunded in cash you might have to call the store a day in advance. We’re long tech, complexity and centralization, this has been true for over a century now.

I like the convenience and the overview of my spending but I worry about the lack of resilience (there are ransomware attacks/sabotage by hostile entities every now and again that take down some of these systems, so it isn’t speculation, even if the magnitude has been limited so far).

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Re: Going card free?

Post by unemployable »

Jean wrote:
Tue Nov 23, 2021 3:04 am
Where is it illégal to use cash to buy a car?
Nowhere in the US, although a seller can refuse it.

Transactions over $10k with a financial institution requite a Currency Transaction Report to be filed. Private parties are free to exchange any amount of cash at any time for any reason without hindrance.

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Re: Going card free?

Post by WFJ »

Jean wrote:
Tue Nov 23, 2021 3:04 am
Where is it illégal to use cash to buy a car?

Try buying a car with cash and you will find out the difference between "legal" and "possible". I've worked for several dealerships (another incredible flexible always hiring job) and none of the large corporate run dealerships will accept cash. Rent, Hotels, air travel (I'm sure there are several others as I'm not a complex consumer) where cash is either discouraged or made so difficult, nobody can complete the process. This is in essence what happens at car dealerships where the reporting requirements are so onerous that nobody can qualify to use cash. I know of one "cash buyer" that was a con and was found before titles were transferred.

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