Introduction and some questions

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Introduction and some questions

Post by erestueleno »

While being phantom scrolling through the forums and thinking about what about myself - my situation as a grad student, what to do with my will -, suddenly I am writing this introduction.
I am quite shy, and I am 20 years old, by the way... :D
Well, to make it simple: I would like to think about going to ERE (excuse me, I am from Chile, my English is not well).
I have some questions, and some of them are:
If I choose to start this way to ERE, how to know where to start, since I should apply some techniques and knowledges related to investing and so on, where should I find a starting point?
My other question is, is there something which will give us complete security in life? And is this something like acquiring money, a determined method of living? (This could be left unanswered)
And final question: Could you please list below your favorite activities, which you like the most to do?
final final question: What about having cut from pot-addiction? I did it in May 2019 after 5 years of smoking it. It had been quite bored my life since then, not as exciting as it was.
Now, I am writing this for gaining certainty, I know that is it. This post maybe - if posted - abandoned.
Anyways... I hope you will answer.

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Re: Introduction and some questions

Post by sky »


One way to start is to use the guide "21 Day Makeover". The first page is here ... -live.html

You can find the other pages on the bottom left of the above page.

As far as complete security in life, I don't believe there is such a thing. However, you can increase your security level immensely by living financially below your means, in other words spend less money than you make. The things you learn while doing this might include: growing your own food, maintaining your own home, and caring for yourself by living in a healthy way.

My favorite activities lately have been walking to see the area around my home, and talking to people I meet.

A few years ago I stopped drinking alcohol. After some consideration of facts and science based information, I decided that the negative health impacts of drinking alcohol were not worth the benefits of drinking. I made the decision not to drink any more and have been successful mainly through my will to be healthy and to stay with my original decision to not drink. It is a matter of discipline, making decisions based on the best information possible, and following those decisions.

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Re: Introduction and some questions

Post by DutchGirl »

You're a grad student: what are you studying? What are you hoping your career to be? I think some "safety" comes from having skills that allow you to be worthwhile to others who will then hire you do to jobs for them. Having a good education and then having some special skills because of that could be very worthwhile. In the longer run, even when you finish school you can continue to improve your work-related skills so that you become more and more valuable for bosses or clients.

A basic idea of ERE is that you should also acquire skills in other areas to reduce your need to pay for other people having these skills. So for example: learn how to cook, otherwise you always have to buy meals, which can be (way) more expensive. Learn how to do at least the easy fixes in a house, so that you don't always have to call a plumber or painter. Learn how to manage your money, so that you are not (always) relying on others to do that for you. Et cetera.

I personally know a lot about investing in my country, the Netherlands. However, I do not know how a person who lives in Chile can invest. There are hopefully investment institutions and/or banks that offer brokerage accounts with access to stocks? But I just don't know that for your specific country. Perhaps you have a local public library, and perhaps this library has a section on personal finance - maybe there you can find a few books that explain the investment options in Chile and for example also explains the taxes in Chile.

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