Housing Costs & 3-D Printed Houses

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Re: Housing Costs & 3-D Printed Houses

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@western red cedar - interesting, I agree the aesthetic appeal is a big advantage as well as the technical benefits. Does you username reflect a connection to the industry ? :)

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Re: Housing Costs & 3-D Printed Houses

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@Chenda - No direct connection to the industry. I just love being in nature and the Western Red Cedar is one of my favorite trees.

I did have to do some research on cross-laminated timber for work a few years back though, which is kind of what peaked my interest. I know next to nothing about 3-D printing, particularly printing large functional objects.

CLT has slowly emerged in the PNW, and there are a few places manufacturing CLT now in Washington and Oregon. I think it is still fairly hard to get so it is a niche market. There are a lot of really cool little towns and communities here that would benefit from new technology to revive the logging industry. I'm quite interested in sustainable forest management and would like to see more eco-conscious approaches in our built environment.

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