Which covid vaccine would you pick?

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Re: Which covid vaccine would you pick?

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Moderna was the only choice from my county. Second dose left me achy & feeling tired and spousal unit got fever/chills. 2 days later and we're back to normal.

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Re: Which covid vaccine would you pick?

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Went with Pfizer because it was my only option. Spouse and I had only two side-effects: mild headache that went away same day and some fatigue - I almost never nap but after getting the vaccine, I had to take a 4 hour nap or so. That was it. Spouse had a sore arm. I did not.

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Re: Which covid vaccine would you pick?

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@7Wannabe5 What you are saying makes a lot of sense. With respect to viruses mutating in response to vaccines, I agree it is not some "magical force" but rather the normal response in a system that is open and dynamic, where the scenario creates an environment which then become feedback for the current system. Basically, I am seeing this situation from a complex systems perspective, where effectively, the vaccine cannot help but respond to its environment, with the result being adaptation. And specifically unpredictable adaptation. @slsdly, it is that adaptation that dulls my exuberance for the current efficacy of current vaccines.

Given how little we understand and can predict about viruses, and vaccines outside of statistics and models, I find myself something of a resistor, as Jacob has termed it.

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Re: Which covid vaccine would you pick?

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The reservoir of humans who have not yet been vaccinated is huge, so the virus could continue to mutate in a variety of ways. For instance, a strain that is more mild in effect, but much more contagious could re-infect some of those who are already vaccinated, but it is also quite possible that a strain that is much more deadly could emerge and kill many more of those who are not yet vaccinated. It’s far from an iron rule, but generally mild and very contagious and deadly and less contagious is the pattern. Therefore, I believe that human lab rat is a much better risk than human Petri dish.

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Re: Which covid vaccine would you pick?

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Three weeks after the second shot of AZ, going strong:) The first one gave me very high fever (40C/104F) for a few hours, some weakness the day after.

All this is full of anecdotes and emotions. I've seen a close family member go through weeks of induced coma and machine breathing because of COVID and a year later a close co-worker die from (most probably) complications from AZ. So it's emotionally complicated.

Yet the statistics is somehow rather convincing. I'm just about good enough at math to not expect winning the Eurojackpot. The probabilities are on the same scale here. Has anyone popping ibuprofen every now and then ever looked at the list of possible side effects?

Ego wrote:
Thu Apr 29, 2021 7:30 pm
So, as a person with no medical conditions, I am waiting for more information.
Your approach makes a lot of sense as long as too many people don't do the same.

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