Hi from ScrewTheAverage... a nomadic, working, traveling, and house sitting couple

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Hi from ScrewTheAverage... a nomadic, working, traveling, and house sitting couple

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Hey everyone,

We’re Screw The Average, a married couple (IT and Project Management and Training consultants) in our 30’s who’ve been working, traveling, and house sitting for nearly four years.

In 2016 we sold 95% of our belongings and set off to become/pursue independence (location, financial, employment, etc.). Our goal was to travel abroad continually out of one 36L backpack each (at about 15lbs/7kgs). In our first year we were fortunate to visit three continents, 23 countries, 60 cities, and do 18 house sits.

Since our initial year, we've continued to travel and are now house sitting full time (over 60 house sits complete!).

Furthermore, we’re both naturally frugal and have been into FI/RE and its extreme cousin (ERE) for a while. And we suspect that like many of you here, finding creative ways to live on and use less doesn’t feel like going ‘without’ in life. Instead it’s simply a wise, efficient, and pragmatic way to live. ;)

We think that the great thing about learning how to live lean is that you can always choose to open the spigot and/or splurge… but if you fall on hard times or experience a life changing emergency, i.e. health issue, family death, world pandemic, etc., you can immediately trim expenses back with little inconvenience.

In the end, ERE/simple living/minimalism really help to live simply and show how little you really need to be genuinely happy in life!

We’re thinking about starting a journal and writing about our past, present, and future adventures. Thank you for reading, we’re excited to be a part of the ERE community!

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