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Re: FreedomPop

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@sclass, funny coincidence. Last night I installed the Mint sim and the phone showed no sim insalled. Called mint and support was terrible. Said the phone wasn't unlocked. Then said it was geo-locked by my last carrier. Then made up another excuse. Got tired of listening to the BS so I hung up and was going to cancel today. This morning I installed the second promotional sim card they sent. Worked like a charm. Now I've got to call them to transfer the service. Ugh! Hopefully things will go well with the 3 month promo.

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Re: FreedomPop

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I'm 3 months in on Mint Mobile. It's not perfect, but it's been a better overall experience than Republic Wireless (sprint network) was. Fewer spam calls. Less headache from the phone switching between wifi and cell, which tended to cause talk and messaging issues.

Access to 3 gigs of monthly data (coming from 500 megs) changed how I use my phone. Rather than cell data being a last resort, I now use it for whatever I want, whenever I want. It's nice.

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