ERE Youtube interview

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ERE Youtube interview

Post by theanimal »

Jacob was interviewed by Mike Rosehart on Youtube. It appears to be part 1 of a multi part series.

Further speculation and intrigue about Jacob's next book will be fueled by the blurred books...any hints Jacob? :)

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by Seppia »

I was wondering as well as to why the books are blurred.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by niemand »

theanimal wrote:
Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:47 am
Jacob was interviewed by Mike Rosehart on Youtube.
Happy to see the man is coming down the mountain :D


Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by thegreatvoid »

@Jacob awesome interview. Can´t wait for Part 2

Does the guy Mike have a Journal on this forum ? Getting snake oil salesman vibes from him...

hate when people are trying to make money of FI / ERE. Used to read Root OF Good, but reing reading a blog about frugality , while being sold AMEx CARDS and is just too much for me.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by jacob »

@thegreatvoid - I don't know if he has a journal here (I don't think so) but he does have a blog:

I think we recorded 3 hours of material total so there will be more in the future. The plan is to get cover more advanced stuff than what I'm usually allowed to get away with. I wasn't allowed to skip the intro/aboutme even if I very much hate doing them. We actually recorded the introduction towards the end and it does make some sense to include it for those who don't know my background.

I'm okay with people making money talking about FIRE. With FI/ERE it's generally encouraged for people to produce value and get paid and I don't think one should be excluded from this just because one writes or produces videos about FIRE instead of e.g. flower decorations or glockenspiels or has a seasonal job as a tour guide or boat skipper. If everybody had to take a vow of lucrative chastity when writing about FIRE, I'm certain there would be much less written about it. Where it gets iffy is when it begins to approach the racket that was popular 10 years ago in which some made a living selling ebooks about how to write ebooks about selling ebooks for a living.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by prognastat »

I don't mind people making money spreading the message as long as it isn't manipulative, because if they can make money spreading the message this enables them to spend more time doing this without taking a hit financially.

For regular ads I don't feel any different between seeing a commercial on TV during a program, a banner add online or a pre-roll advertisement on video streaming platforms in that I don't believe the advertiser is endorsing the content provider nor the other way around.

Where I do believe it can become manipulative is say I write a blog post or instructions regarding say travel hacking with credit cards and instead of advising people to use the best cards I know for the purpose of travel hacking I start recommending lesser cards that give me a bigger kick back. Or if I write a sponsored post/video about a service/product that I don't believe to be true.

As long as either the advertisement is clearly not a personal endorsement or they are honest about it and actually believe the product is a good/the best option I don't mind. Of course this can be a thin line as it comes down to perception.

I didn't subscribe myself as though I'm sure he is a nice enough guy he didn't really grab me from what I could tell during the interview, but that may be him trying to put the subject of the interview front and centre.


Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by Jason »

That was like watching Ryan Seacrest interviewing Howard Hughes.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by ffj »

I've been watching a bunch of climbing videos in honor of Alex Honnold ... l-capitan/ soloing El Capitan and I came across a world class climber that could be Jacob's younger brother. Every time I watch this guy climb I think of Jacob.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by Campitor »


Great interview. You were engaging, animated, and did a good job describing the genesis of your ERE mindset. Well done. I look forward to the next video segment.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by CS »

Excellent video! He ended just as you were getting into a roll... wants people to come back for more. :D

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by FrugalPatat »

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by cmonkey »

These are great interviews, Jacob you are good at it!

In part 2, I like how you address the question of 'what are you doing these days'. Comparing it to growing a garden makes a lot of sense. DW also agreed, being free of work herself.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by 7Wannabe5 »

Efficient Life Hypothesis :lol:

I liked how you were honest about not knowing exactly what you were doing until you were already doing it.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by 1taskaday »

Really enjoying interviews.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by Seppia »

The Life Indexing idea made me laugh a lot.

On a side note, there's something that puts a bit me off about the interviewer.

The reason I like Jacob and all things ERE related (ie this forum) is that the focus in on substance over form, and quality over quantity. There's a sort of "punk" attitude I find extremely genuine.

I was surprised by the fact that Jacob's interview is being promoted in a similar way to 6 minute abs.
Then I looked at the About Me page of the interviewer and I get a similarly strange vibe.
He speaks about himself in third person, sounds a bit overconfident (riding Canada real estate boom involves Smarts, audacity and discipline, but also a great deal of luck, for example).

I'm super happy as I always like to hear Jacob's perspective, so I'm very thankful this interview exists, don't get me wrong...
But vis à vis the public that doesn't know Jacob or ere, I think this series may run the risk of being a slight disservice.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by jacob »

I'm told that part of the youtube presentation style is innate to the medium / algorithm(*). If titles and thumbnails are too "serious" things get downgraded and buried. I don't know much about youtube other than I started supporting a few channels that got buried by the adpocalypse via patreon as youtube is converging towards acting increasingly like regular cable TV. I'll accept a certain amount of "festivity" if it means that the videos actually show up in the side-bar alongside with similar topics.

(*) Which might be tuned to the generic youtube audience.

From my perspective, the more interesting stuff comes when both people are on the same page because it allows one to ask the right questions the right way. Then I'll take variation in temperament/style any day. I think that increases the dynamics w/o sacrificing the depth which makes for a more interesting production. I've also done interviews where I was rather limited in what I was allowed/supposed to talk about because the conversation had to be aimed at Wheaton level 0-1. That's not the case here.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by 2Birds1Stone »

REALLY enjoyed the series so far. I watched the first one when it was posted here, then shared it with my fiancee yesterday.

We watched part two, together on the TV.

Her comments were funny....."Mike keeps trying to finish Jacobs sentences, and Jacob shuts his ass down almost every time".

I give the kid credit for what he's accomplished, but he rubs me the wrong way, just a little.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by DutchGirl »

Nice to finally see you in the flesh, Jacob. And what's with the blurred books, indeed...? Or perhaps the plant that's also on there needed blurring to protect its identity?

PS. Also... It's inspiring, yet again. Thanks :-)

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by jennypenny »

DutchGirl wrote:
Sun Nov 18, 2018 3:32 pm
And what's with the blurred books, indeed...?
I think he's hiding a romance novel addiction. If I squint, I think I can see Fabio on one of the covers.

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Re: ERE Youtube interview

Post by FBeyer »

You see Fabio everywhere. We've been over this already.

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