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Re: How did you find

Post by ZAFCorrection »

Lifehacker ran a piece on MMM back when he was getting his start. It took about two seconds after that to find ERE and I been lurking here ever since.

Though, I still have yet to be on the path toward true systems perfection. Mostly just good with money and possessing of a pressure cooker in which legumes are prepared. I'm starting an ERE cargo cult if anyone is interested.

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Re: How did you find

Post by Lemur »

I can't remember....I know I found MMM first and than Reddit after that. Ended up here after being recommended the book.

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Re: How did you find

Post by wolf »

My colleagues at work talked a lot about retiring early (in a traditional sense between 60-63yo). And then I asked them in a discussion about it how to retire really early, like extreme early. In an instance I noticed that idea and googled it. Of course Jacob's site was on the top of the search results. It catched my eyes, I read it, and everything made sense!

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Re: How did you find

Post by prognastat »

Not quite sure, I know I was searching retirement savings related things to learn about my work 401k, came across MMM which introduced me to FIRE and then shortly after when searching for more FIRE content came across ERE.

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Re: How did you find

Post by Bankai »

Had a really bad day/month at work towards the end of 2012 and started googling 'how to retire early'. After few hours of surfing through a lot of nonsense, I found this place.

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Re: How did you find

Post by Smashter »

George the original one wrote:
Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:13 am
OMG, I just popped into and now it's a tout for loans and credit cards! My, how low can you sink?]
I'm just getting around to this thread and I thought I'd offer up a brief defense of Trent and the Simple Dollar.

Sure, there are now credit card offers and the like. It's gotten ickier in that regard, but hey, gotta pay the bills. He has a bunch of kids.

That said, Trent continues to churn out original content, day after day. A lot of it is kinda boring, especially considering the Wheaton levels of this crowd, and I don't think he's ever cracked a joke, but the sheer output is impressive. The dude has been writing like 2000 words a day for 8 years straight.

Plus he seems to have a genuine desire to want to help people.

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Re: How did you find

Post by Jin+Guice »

My girlfriend asked me if I wanted to read a book called early retirement extreme and if I would pay for half of it... I said no! This was after she caught me reading her copy of 4HWW when I was weak and infirmed (actual real life click bait staring at me from a book shelf for 6 months, damn you Ferris!) Thankfully she bought the book anyway.

I read the ERE book and was like, "man a self help book that isn't total bullshit, amazing... This guy is really extreme and bitter about being a low paid physicist...$7,000 a year is too little, instead of listening to him I'll keep buying guitars for 2 years." Now the ERE book is ruining my life because I can't stop reading it over and over.

MMM is what got me hooked. I guess I was just at that Wheaton level ;). Again, I have to give my girlfriend props for finding his blog. By this point I was in a PhD program, sleeping in my grad office for half the week and fucking miserable (for that half of the week). I read the whole MMM blog at night in my grad student office. After that I was sold. I came back to the ERE blog because I had some doubts about index investing, which lead to rereading the book and then all that was left was y'all :D.

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Re: How did you find

Post by Frita »

I Googled “early retirement” when I was struggling the third time I tried to ER. That attempt didn’t stick but I love ERE. Trying again though...

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