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Post by pammys » Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:36 am

Did our taxes over the weekend. Got a refund, which is good and bad. Getting married and me being a student contributed to that, plus the child tax credit and being on the lower income end also helped with that, so I wasn't too surprised. I know hubby will need to change his W-4 withholding, no problem. And I am unsure how the stepson's age will affect next year, he turned 18 a month ago and will be off to college in the fall, so the refund won't be as large next year, I think, need to check on that. I tend to like being close to $0 at the end of the year, the hubby is thrilled about the refund. I am working on him, lol.

We had some issues with the land come up this past week. It may be a no-go on that part, it's family land, yada yada yada... Honestly, I am okay with finding our own land that isn't tied up in family matters. The land belongs to his grandmother, who is parting it out to children, one being his late mother, which is why hubby (only child) get's part. Now an aunt wants to move and is pressuring the grandmother to sell and move with her (she takes care of her). Another aunt also lives on the land. Since the part that belongs to hubby is at the back of the land, with access through the other's property, it would be an issue if the other parts are sold, easement wise. I don't want any of that headache, to be honest. Better if we find our own, not tied with anyone else's. So moving will take longer than expected. It's okay. Place we live is still cheap and we can take our time finding the right place. :) I'm over it. And hey, this just makes the argument for the acquiring of the deep freezer sooner just more sound, haha.

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Post by George the original one » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:34 am

Don't let easements stop you, if the property otherwise suits you. Easements can be written into the deeds, which is a minor fuss.

On the other hand, if you think there are better properties, by all means continue the search!

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Post by pammys » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:24 am

Still waiting to talk to the grandmother about the land. You are right, George, easements can be written into the deed. Good point. Will know more once we get to visit with her, without the aunt around, find out what she really wants to do. She'll be turning 76 this year and built her home with her late husband over 40 years ago. I want to find out if she truly is considering moving or is being pressured. All good. I am okay where we're at for a while. Still cheap living. :)

Budget-wise, guess I'll post some numbers, see if anyone has any suggestions for things to work on.

Lot rent: $180 monthly, includes water/trash/sewer
Electric: $250 monthly average, goes down in winter, up in summer. Rural electric, we pay higher rates than city, older mobile home
Gas: $30 monthly average, goes up in winter, down in summer.
Internet: $66 monthly, only service available out here, a bit better package to stream since we don't have tv service
Car ins.: $80 monthly, 3 vehicles liability, I pay twice yearly to save $$
Cell phone:$60 monthly, 3 prepaid cells, no contract, no data, unlimited talk and text on towers in range, discounted multi-line
Vision ins. $32 monthly, stepson has medical need, born with eye defect
Netflix: $8 monthly, entertainment
Car gas: $120 monthly, working on getting this down
Amazon: $8 monthly average, prime for free shipping and entertainment
Blow: $100 monthly, 2 hour trip to see grandson, keep hubby peace, etc. can work on this if absolutely need to
Clothing: $10 month, maybe. Thrift store a few times a year
Taxes: $41 monthly average, includes mobile home and 3 vehicles
Total Average monthly expenses: $985

Seems pretty low, but I'm always looking at ways to cut more. Some of this will come down when stepson goes off to school, and he'll start picking up his share of car expenses now that he's working. And I know what is missing on here, groceries. Since this is an extreme website, I hope I don't catch too much crap for it, we qualify for food benefits. I use all resources available, and we qualify. I qualified when single, reported change and they adjusted, still qualified. However, their estimation is way over, in my opinion. The way I shop and cook I spend way less than what they give us monthly, I buy actual ingredients and do not take advantage. Will make this stretch as long as possible, it is a resource I treat like any other. I really debated on whether to put this on here. Doing everything I can to get a leg-up. I hope I don't offend anyone.

Things we don't pay on:
Mortgage-own the mobile home
Vehicles-all bought with cash
Health insurance-dh will be looking soon when his runs out from previous employer, stepson covered through his mom, mine from subsidy

Well, this is how it looks, folks, from low-earners. Starting from scratching-to-get-by and going to FI. Long way to go!! I have a little more than a year to go before I'm done with school and income will improve, thank goodness. One step at a time, one step at a time....

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Post by SavingWithBabies » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:02 pm

Is your current heat gas or electric? I don't have any suggestions either way just curious as always heard heat would be more in a mobile home but your averages are reasonable. If you want my opinion on the benefits, it is if you qualify, you qualify. I also think it's great you are using them frugally.

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Post by bryan » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:06 pm

I thought you meant something else for "Blow" :D

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Post by pammys » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:29 am

@Savingwithbabies- heat is gas, it's the only thing running on natural gas, everything else is electric. The colder months can run it up to $100 or more, the warmer months it's $7 basic fee. Utilities-wise, this company charges a fair rate, same as city. It's the rural electric company that takes advantage, imo. Same with internet, they know it's our only option available out here. The perks of living away from town, haha. I could be paying more in lot rent in town versus here and have cheaper rates on utilities, but I suppose it's a wash. It's pretty quiet out here, though, so I'm content.

@bryan- haha, should have re-worded that to 'Blow money'. The other, there would definitely be a problem, lol.

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