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Re: What I Spend

Post by Scott 2 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 1:10 pm

Years ago I spent a bunch of time exploring optimized car ownership models like MMM discusses. When it came time to execute, I didn't have the motivation to screw with it. Most of my accumulation activity is either mentally compelling or feels effortless. Not car shopping. My car dependency, coupled with zero interest in vehicles, is definitely a leak in my strategy.

I have invited car dealers that are still bothering me to beat the price I paid last week, presenting it as my current best available offer. Nobody has ever tried, so we probably didn't leave much in the table.

More uncharacteristic spending this week. The new car drives much different than the old car. I am a really bad driver anyways. So I got $80 of cones to practice driving around. I'm sure I paid too much, but it's the time I had available.

I have a friend coming in from out of country in June. I agreed to send my wife to Portland while he visits. She's always wanted to go to, but we never have, because I don't enjoy travel. That'll be $1500, mostly for an air bnb in the center of what she wants to do. I think it will maximize the experience per dollar spent, opposed to minimizing cost. Definitely post accumulation phase spending though.

My online backup vendor let me know with three weeks notice that the annual price is going up 30%. I can downgrade my plan and still meet my needs, actually saving $10 a year. But I am mad at them for deciding it's ok to effectively hold my backup strategy hostage. Three weeks is not enough notice for a change like that. It also makes me nervous about their long term viability. The rational choice here is to adjust my plan and see what happens. I am having a hard time letting it go though. Switching is a stupid use of my time.

I finally was able to return to the cheap gym today, after missing last week due to the car and work. It really suits me as a person. Objectively, using the exercises I haven't had access to in a year or more, I've gotten worse at my hobby. It has me thinking about how the thing I am best at in life, is my work. Not because it is what I like the most, but because of a natural ability and the massive volume of hours spent. Walking away from that sounds irrational. It's no wonder I've kept working after FI.

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Re: What I Spend

Post by 2Birds1Stone » Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:11 am

2Birds1Stone wrote:
Wed Sep 19, 2018 8:20 pm
I started yesterday. Got some baseline test lifts in. 250 lb squat, 315 lb dead, and 235 lb paused bench.....800lb total @ 201 lbs body weight.
Things have been progressing as we come up on the 6 months of actually lifting weights regularly. Most recently,

S - 315 x 3, 3
B - 265 x 4, 4, 4
D - 405 x 5, 5

Scared of testing 1 RM's at these weights. My joints are not what they used to be. Predicted = S - 350, B - 295, D - 455 for ~1,100 total.

You slowly getting back to more regimented lifting?

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Re: What I Spend

Post by Scott 2 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:32 pm

That's great progress for six months training, especially given your work demands.

My current approach is casual. It's rare the intensity goes beyond a 7 of 10, and I shamelessly miss days when time is hard to find. Since sorting my work issues, the motivation to break new ground isn't there. My need for control is already satisfied.

I have a rough plan of upper or lower, but do whatever sounds fun. Weekdays have been some activation work and one or two big compound lifts. Weekends a variety of smaller compounds and isolation work, taking advantage of equipment I don't have at home. I keep meaning to include a speed day using my specialty bars, but taking this week as an example, I opted to visit the Indian buffet for lunch instead.

I'm sure I could find more intensity while lifting, but I cannot deliver on the out of gym support. Staying consistent on the food, sleep and active recovery is unappealing at the moment. Outside of having an outlet for control, I never enjoyed time spent on recovery.

I am curious to see if time at cheap gym changes my perspective. There was one guy pulling mid-fours yesterday, benching low threes today. Being around that can only help.

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Re: What I Spend

Post by Scott 2 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:41 pm

Spending is back to normal. I paid the stupid backup vendor and let it go. I added a backup drive to my "to buy" list. Hopefully I get to it before the vendor fails.

I wrote up the shopping list of everything I could think of to buy, sort by ascending price, started looking for the first item, then got annoyed and gave up.

I am also currently running laundry because I have no clean shirts, underwear, socks or shorts to wear for the gym tomorrow morning.

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Re: What I Spend

Post by Scott 2 » Sun Mar 17, 2019 2:24 pm

I let go of the idea that my purchases need to be perfect and checked off a bunch of the "to buy" items. I typically spend hours agonizing over every little detail, so this is a strong departure from normal. If I blow a couple hundred bucks on bad decisions, it's not the end of the world.

The only true face punch item is a $350 pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones. I don't know if I'll keep them, but I've wanted to try a pair for years. I am overly sensitive to noise and have been told they could be a life changing. I'll find out.

What I didn't buy, is any of the hard stuff. Pretty much everything else on the list requires time. I need hours to either:

1. Use the item
2. Educate myself enough to pick the right item
3. Find and hire the correct professional to do work

Life gets busy this week, so it'll be awhile before I knock anything else off.

The stupid backup vendor got so much blow back from their pricing change, that they rolled it back and gave me 3 months free service. They also claim to be financially stable. I don't fully believe them and have a 4 terabyte backup drive coming.

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Re: What I Spend

Post by bigato » Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:36 pm

I guess I know which phones are those and I had the same kind of review from highly reliable friend, whom is also very sensitive to sound and also happens to be a music. Considering the crazy price I'd pay here from my country considering import taxes and shipping costs, I ended up buying a cheap alternative first, that does not even have real noise cancelling, just because the price buying from here would be nuts. But I'm very interested in your impressions about this model that you bought, after you use them for a while, since we both seem to share this same sensitiveness to stimuli.

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