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DrsPluisje's Journal

Post by DrsPluisje » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:03 pm

Back in 2010, I was single, tired, severely overworked and underlaid. Underpaid not so much, thanks to the hours spent working (50-60 a week) and the job I was in (with a large chemical company). I had just bought a house by myself with a 200 K mortgage, which on my salary was quite a feat - thanks to frugality and saving. No smartphone, car paid in cash, no fancy vacations, living at home whilst I was in university and no student debt.

To the outside world, I was doing well. On the inside however, it was a different story. Due to the long hours, lack of adventure & positives in my life, I was unhappy. Office politics in such a large corporation and the increasing dependency on that job and other circumstances outside my own control, left a growing feeling that the path I was on, wasn't going to end well.

In 2012, I turned a page and decided it was time for something else. Starting with: Paying off my mortgage. Fast. Read a Dutch book based on "Your money or your life", which was my introduction to FIRE. The correlation between energy & money was very striking at the time, given the fact I was so tired. Because I wanted more time & energy, I didn't want to waste it on unnecessary spending and kick my saving into high gear.

In 2014, I fullfilled a life-long dream by taking a road-trip through Japan - thanks to having more time and a improved financial situation. After that, mustered the courage to start dating again. Met the girl of my dreams (and she's just as frugal). Sold my house in July last year (not losing much money) and moved in with her.

Current financial situation:

- 130 K in cash
- 50 K mortage remaining on her house
- Savings rate approx. 60%

Recently started getting into the stock market with a small amount to try and see how it works. Had been already reading up for a while. Did a couple things right, but already made a couple of rookie mistakes too. Have been growing vegetables from home for the last two years now. About to scale up by renting land for a community plot / allotment. The soon to be Mrs. DrsPluisje & I enjoy learning how to cook very much. She has been taking sewing lessons for the last six years and can really make / repair clothes. I repair things in / around the house. Taking matters into our own hands are really enjoyable.

Retiring extremely early will be impossible, but we're looking to get out as soon as we can.

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Re: DrsPluisje's Journal

Post by Zanka » Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:21 pm

Great post! Good luck, ill be following your journal!

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