ERE - poker edition

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Re: ERE - poker edition

Post by Jason » Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:22 pm

As a fellow bread maker, let us taken a moment out to remember our federal head:

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Re: ERE - poker edition

Post by Zanka » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:52 pm

So crazy month with a lot of reflections and aha moments.
I discovered pretty quickly that i were addicted to spending, not in an obvious way tho. But as soon as i felt uncomfortable i started to think about buying something. Usually food. 10$ here and there really adds up. But ive done a lot of changes;

- Fixed my sweatpants with thread and needle.
- Glued a candle holder together instead of throwing away.
- I am officialy biking 6km to work every day. (Wich has resulted in coworkers pity, poor me.)
- Spent as much on food as I usually do, but now my kitchen is filled with staples. (Found an online store that sells staples with wrong labels etc for 30-90% off)
- Started the journey to warrior diet. ( Currently skipping breakfast, lunch is oatmeal with lingonberries.) ( Again, coworkers pity.)
- Bought a wagon to the bike (30% sale) so i can take my daughter in it to shop and visit people.
- Baking my own bread.
- Working out.
- Making my own sauerkraut.

This is probably going to be a lonely journey irl, tried to bring it up to a few people and well, lets just say ill keep this to myself for the most part. People are heavily addicted to spending and they are not likely to stop this insanity anytime soon. For me, this feels like comming home, this is the way for me from now on. It has been hard a few times and i feel a little frustrated at times, mostly for not figuring this out earlier. But im glad i found this now and not in 20 years.

Spending in August:
Rent and loan: 600
Utilities: 60
Childcare: 75
Pet: 90
Phone: 70
Food: 400
Gas: 60
Car-misc: 70
Bus: 60
Entertainment: 220 (including gift to brothers birthday. But this must down overall)
Repayment to parents: 230
Child related: 100
Bike-wagon: 200

Total: 2235

Income: 2200 (1600 from work, 600 from poker)

So this includes paying of some loans but im still spending way to much. Going down to the bank to see if i can get some better interest. Going to spend a lot less on food in september and cutting entertainment to a minimal. It is going to take some serious frugality to put this ball in motion. And ill write more about my pokerjourney when i feel like it.

/ Z

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Re: ERE - poker edition

Post by Zanka » Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:16 am

So I have been thinking. I need some sort of solid goal to aim for. Having two ways to earn money is pretty good and it will give me the option of ditching one of them at some point in the future.
Poker has (for now) the benefit of beeing scalable exactly as i please and in theory id be able to live of it pretty well if i had to. It doesnt offer much of a security if you are low in cash but is way safer than most belive if you have a substantial bankroll to fall back on.

My work on the other hand, great coworkers but it is very limiting and lots of bs and routine. Pay is not great. But it is safe and right now i need the safety more than anything.

If i focus solely on beeing a parent and taking care of my mind and body i belive i could make a decent profit from these income-streams. But something has to give and being an introvert it is very easy for me to just withdraw and live in my bubble. Dating would be put of for the future (wich is fine) but i really need to make sure to get out to meet people in some ways.

So I obv have thrown numbers around last month and I havent really come up with a fixed amount to aim for. But i have come to the conclusion that I wont need much in terms of luxury. And I can probably keep playing poker to pad my saving even after I Retire. So im going to set up some smaller goals and keep thinking about a definitie numbers to fire at.
At the same time I seem to not be able to think more than 15 years a head so im taking this as a sign that i will try to fire the day i turn 45. (Im a bit backwards).

First goal: save 50k
Timeframe: 4 years. (Hopefully less)

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