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Re: SlowTraveler's Journal

Post by Viktor K » Sat May 26, 2018 6:48 am

Those housing prices are awesome! You've got me watching Thailand budget-related YouTube videos now. It seems the cost of living : quality of life ratio there is much better than here.

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Re: SlowTraveler's Journal

Post by 2Birds1Stone » Sat May 26, 2018 10:00 am

I'm with you Victor, SE Asia is calling my name (at a deafening level nonetheless).

Slowtraveler, is the current GF Thai as well?

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Re: SlowTraveler's Journal

Post by slowtraveler » Sat May 26, 2018 10:50 am


Yes she is. So are all the other candidates.

I sent this in a message but it may be helpful for you as well. I edited out some personal information with a blanket warning to be careful.

In Chiang Mai:
NImman: Siriruk Apartment 3000 baht/month+8baht/kwh electricity+400 baht cleaning fee when leave+100/water/month
Saturday Night Market: Smith Residence (Maybe suites, whichever is west more is cheaper): 11000/month+8/kwh+250/water
*Includes gym, kitchen, and pool
Night Bazaar: Don't know name but close to two sisters pizza there's a few:3300-3800/month+8/kwh+forgot water
*Hard bed but amazing location, may get noisy on weekend nights, have to get own bedding but comes with mattress/frame.
Chang Khlan Rd: Galare Thong Tower: 9500-11000/month+5/kwh+20-22/m^3 H2O
*Nicest of the rooms, kitchen, and gorgeous view, coolest temperatures/best airflow

Pattaya is even cheaper, Jomtien Beach Condo has a nice room with kitchen at 8000/month and I think 5/kwh. Lady there was a sweetheart too. I can get you her number to whatsapp if you go there. 10 baht ride into the downtown, but I got food poisoning too often in Pattaya..

If you end up finding cheap rooms in SE Asia, let me know what you see.

Warning on month long rentals: Be careful of overcharging electricity, for damage not done, and of dates switched on receipts. Double check dates and deposit amounts on receipts at time of payment. Take a video in detail of the room and electric meter upon your moving in to confirm the status of the room so you don't get charged for what someone else did, along with making sure to never lose your receipt for your room.

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Re: SlowTraveler's Journal

Post by slowtraveler » Sun May 27, 2018 3:42 am

I've decided to completely abandon the idea of a second earned income. Once I pull the plug, it will be much easier if I get bored to supplement (not out of need but for extra income or to invest more) by programming or copy writing.

Looks like I'll be in the $30-40/day range this month.

Binged on C40's journal then did some back tracking from my cushy Ere goal assuming I spend $1500/month and get a 4% after tax return to find out that if there's no major crash immediately before, I'll be at my cushy goal at the beginning of 2022 and FI ready in late 2019. Considering the extremely early aspect (before 30 yo), I want the margin for error.

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Re: SlowTraveler's Journal

Post by slowtraveler » Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:56 am

I'm boring of Thailand. I could go to the beaches or anywhere else but I'm not feeling it. Don't think I'll come back for a while. Girls in Malaysia and Philippines speak way better English and I think Malaysia will have more opportunity for sciencey girls, nature, and food. I've got food poisoning again too but it should pass soon.

North East Malaysia is in its dry season now, South West Malaysia, Thailand, Phillipines and Vietnam are apparently in the monsoon season. Kuala Lumpur is a mix of Indian, Chinese, and Malays so that'll be interesting to experience. I'm currently at 10 countries with my extremely slow travel style.

I've found plane tickets for $67 and 3 hours vs buses that'd take almost as much and take 33 hours, daily housing also but I haven't booked yet. No idea where is a nice monthly room but my walking strategy should do the trick. I do really well with little planning and allowance for flexibility. The structure in my life now comes from work and saving. The saving is getting rather drab but I've hit $35-40/day since April 1st. Quarter before that was more than double at around $82/day. This counts no rebates or cashback bonuses, which I've found very few are actually worth the trouble. Trying to find something to captivate me but I'm experiencing difficulty. Feeling more lazy and rationalizing that staying in is more cost effective.

One thing I know, I'm very against staying somewhere I need a vehicle of any kind. I want to be a minute or 2 walking from a basic grocery store, 15-20 minutes for a few stores is too far a walk. I think I'll take until year end to keep adapting to financially efficient travel.

I'm stunned as to how Jacob pulls off $14/day in Amurica. I'm in dirt cheap countries and spending more than his whole family. I used to get daily massages, travel quickly, eat Western food, Uber often, fly often, but now I'm doing flights every few months and using public transport most days. A kitchen was a huge waste of spending. It did not lower expenses sufficiently to offset its cost since street food is so cheap to buy here. It incentivized me to buy way too much cheese. I'll wait on cheese until I'm in the West again.

Some other expenses that were not worth it: $1.5 rain jacket (broke easy and held humidity inside), 6 pack of paper towels (not using enough and moving=they're wasted), a kg too much rice, ice cream, vegetables not eating immediately.

I have far off dreams to travel South America (amazingly easy with my citizenship(s)) and spend some short time in Europe/Africa but not yet. For now, I'm loving the warm tropics and learning a new culture. Hesitant to visit South America right now due to the violence I hear about there relative to here but drug laws are far more relaxed there.

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