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Post by Felipe » Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:26 am

I have been living like a hyper consumer (in my eyes).

Still within budget. Life is better than ever before (likely due to living on my own). I rebound from pain quicker than before.

Base cost around $20-30/day+ that much or more in entertainment/travel expenses.

Updating phone number is slowly happening. I am slowly transitioning to G voice.

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Post by Felipe » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:11 am

Froze old plan. $10/month for unlimited data to use WhatsApp, maps, and all the more free communication methods while on the go.

Keeping a steady decreasing of expenses as focus. Switching insurance at year end and cheaper housing are next on the list, assuming I stay in this town.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Viktor K » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:40 am

The interesting thing about you moving abroad is that your work is largely independent of your resident country, excluding concerns over internet reliability. It seems you may not be super stoked on your current town, at least that's the tone I'm getting. What, then, would be your criteria for the perfect city/town in what country/culture to live in, excluding internet connectivity?

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Felipe » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:27 am

Interesting perspective. This is actually my favorite city I've been to so far. Better than SF, Athens, Honolulu, Seattle, NY, etc for me.

I think that was more of the relationship stress than my feelings on the town itself.

I am loving Asia. I do not want to leave the continent for the foreseeable future. Walking everywhere is important to me. I'd prefer slightly less tropical weather but a rain storm isn't bad when using a good jacket. My sandals probably won't cut it when monsoon hits in June, assuming I stay here and learn the language. I could always bounce to Taiwan and Australia at that time till the rains calm down.

Health: Condition had from sitting too much has mostly disappeared. Haven't touched alcohol or other drugs (not counting sugar, second hand smoke, or other socially not counted drugs). Definitely want a kitchen next month so I can cook some burgers, I miss good cheese and meat but not much else. Haven't weighed myself in a while but sure it's going down.

I eat once a day typically till I'm stuffed and done. Twice a day often when I do dates.

Relationships: Dad is sick. Time difference makes talking harder. Feel worried for him but I know there's nothing I could do to stop what happens except for convincing him to go get a scan.

Wealth: Keep beating goals. Investing has treated me well. Spending is slightly higher than expected but life quality is the highest it's ever been. Will make this more efficient in the coming months by finding lower cost housing. I e joy living on my own or with 1 more person. Do not want to couch surf at all any more.

Uber is massively cheap here. Cheaper than local shitty taxis. My app messed up one day and using grab was a hassle as it would not load our address. Got my Uber fixed very next day.

Seeing some other towns in the country soon. Likely scuba diving at some point, may get to rescue diver, may not but I am definitely seeing the reef.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by JeanPaul » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:29 am

Yeah, decent cheese is definitely the most important thing that's impossible to find in Asia (here in Japan, good meat is cheap). I thought I might find something acceptable in the Philippines, with its Spanish (and American) influenced cuisine, but definitely not.

Still, one of the underrated pleasures of living in an exotic place is the inordinate pleasure at finding familiar (overpriced) foreign goods which would be completely mundane at home. In Malaysia, that didn't happen so much, since Tesco (the real one, not like that crap in Thailand) had a pretty good regular Western selection, but here in Japan, I was thrilled when I found that an international liquor store also carried international goods like foie gras, muesli, stuffed olives, canned garbanzo beans, even some pretty mediocre Polish raspberry jam, most of which would have cost about 1 Euro at Lidl.

Since your main expense appears to be food (unusually high relative to housing costs), seems like getting a kitchen would be a huge savings.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Felipe » Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:34 am

Food here is still cheaper than in the states. But damn I am still spending like a madman. Savings rate is still high and I'll ere by my 30th bday.

I found a spot that offers good cheese, a good school, and a cheap home (~$170/month) that is walking distance of everything in a more fun neighborhood. I will get on all that when I return to town. Currently seeing other parts of the country so actually paying for 2 places but my stuff is at least safe and I am realizing my dream of seeing the world.

I packed way too much, I seriously want to declutter but some stuff will be very useful in colder weather. The stuff I can buy here is better anyways.

Planning to stay a year or so here, with a break in there when I get a student visa. Probably see Taiwan or some other nearby country then. Direct flight only though. I found some for under $200 so that's a good place to use some of my travel hacking points.

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