Mushroomy Journal of Hégé

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Mushroomy Journal of Hégé

Post by Hégé » Mon May 22, 2017 2:21 pm

I'm a starting a journal. I am 20 years old and I am from Belgium. I would like to reach early retirement at around 30-40 years old. But my main goal is to become educated, happy, and to live according to my values.

Current situation:
  • I work in a Permaculture farm. I am being paid 12€/h in black. In a year it should be a bit more official.
  • I don't have a formal education, besides high school.
  • No debt, a few thousands in the bank.
  • No housing, transportation and food spendings. Yes, I still live with my family.
  • My education is reading books and going to courses (Permaculture courses mostly, but this year I am also doing a bread course and mushroom farming course)
  • INFP :D
Goals for the month
  • Study for mushroom farming course (P.Stamets, P.mcCoy) and try to produce shiitake with PF TEK
  • Study for bread course (Books?) but mostly try to make a sourdough bread every weekend at least.
  • Finish book: introduction to political science
Habit breaking
  • No more computer in bed....

Nice to meet you all! I hope this will be fun.

sorry for bad english, this journal will be a good exercise

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Re: Mushroomy Journal of Hégé

Post by halfmoon » Tue May 23, 2017 6:36 pm

Welcome, Hege! (Sorry; don't know how to add the acute accents.) I had to google PF TEK, and it looks pretty interesting. Now my DH will have another way to mess up the kitchen. :roll:

Over 5 years ago, we bored holes in a freshly-cut alder stump (it was a double-stemmed tree, so we cut off one trunk) and planted shiitake plugs. To our disappointment, we never saw signs of any mushrooms. This spring, an alder fell across one of the paths in our forest. As we began to cut it apart, we realized that it was the other trunk of the double tree we'd cut and inoculated. On the stump were several pounds of beautiful shiitake mushrooms!

Good things sometimes come to those who wait, but we're still going to try PF TEK. :D

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Re: Mushroomy Journal of Hégé

Post by Jason » Sun May 28, 2017 2:29 pm

If they gave out awards for Journal titles, you'd get my vote. "Mushroomy Journal of Hege" - I'm thinking somewhere between Winnie The Pooh and The Electric Kool Aid Acid Tests.

Good luck Hege.

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Re: Mushroomy Journal of Hégé

Post by Hégé » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:21 am

About a year later

I haven't updated my journal since I've started it. Probably because the year wasn't that interesting. I left my the house I lived in for free and got into a shared house with friends. It was fun some times, but it was also quite unproductive. I realized how much the people around you can influence you when they have bad habits (almost all of them non-working, non-student). I was always pushing myself to go to the opposite force, but it is just too much work.

Started to be a bit depressive about it, I wanted my old, more productive life back. Also the permaculture project I was involved in wasn't really active this year so it didn't help to feel fulfilled.

A new job, starting tomorrow

I have got a new job! And it is amazing. I'm continuing this journal because I think it will be interesting to some people. My job is being an food artisan in an amazing business with amazing people, amazing knowledge, highly respectful of the environment (permaculture).

It is a real change for me, I had to leave my country for it, family, girlfriend, friends. But it is a classic example of a job that you would do even if you were retired.

With money going with it...

It will also be the first time I have a job with a contract (fulltime), so I am going to be able to start some real savings. The salary is small, but I am being fed there and the cost of living is low. Also it is a village in the mountain with almost no shops so there won't be a lot of temptations for the 4 dollars cup of coffee :P


I will probably post some picture at some point, I know there's quite a lot of people here interested in ecology and cooking. We do bread, pasta, pastry, fermentations.

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