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sky wrote:
Tue Oct 06, 2020 5:15 pm
Limping around made me feel like I can no longer can do the things I dreamed of doing when younger. Also, my main exercise was daily walking, and with a bad knee, my fitness level dropped quickly.
Agreed. This is the first true injury to force me out of even low intensity exercise in a very, very long time. Not to say I've been exercising consistently all that time :shock: . This is definitely a reason why I want to get some traveling in between now and my 60's (ie traditional retirement). The possibility my body becomes less capable is on the back of my mind.

I'd also been struggling with good exercise habits for the last 3-5 years of nursing. Borderline obesity and borderline hypertension were the results. It just slowly got worse over time. I was probably in the best shape of my life in 2009/10 (age 33) when I started nursing school. It also coincided with the end of my first break period from FT work (not surprising). This summer has been the first time since early 2010's that I have had the energy, time, and motivation to truly exercise for hours every day consistently. I've actually enjoyed it. I really don't want to lose this because I was starting to feel much better and stronger again, lost some weight, ect.
7Wannabe5 wrote:
Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:04 am
Maybe I will come out your way next spring to add some more species to my life list.
I'd love to see you!

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sky wrote:
Tue Oct 06, 2020 5:15 pm
I also had knee problems this summer, once after bikepacking and once after backpacking. It took about two months for the pain to go away each time. This summer was supposed to be full of adventures but instead I decided I was too old to do this stuff anymore. It was somewhat traumatic because my focus of interest over a few years had been on getting my gear ready for longer bike touring and backpacking trips. Limping around made me feel like I can no longer can do the things I dreamed of doing when younger. Also, my main exercise was daily walking, and with a bad knee, my fitness level dropped quickly. My knee pain is gone now so I need to get back into daily walking.
That sucks, we are in the same boat. Go see a doctor and a physical therapist. I wonder if you ramped up too fast too. That seems to be the usual issue with these things.

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tbf, I didn't think I needed to tell you to take the cap off.

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I was in my late 30s when I realized the validity of "use it or lose it" and that building up strength in tendons or muscles would take rather longer than when I was younger leading to the potential of a trap insofar I got injured. Learning this the hard way took some messing around with ankle tendonitis and trying to build up the strength to prevent me from getting it again. These days I am very careful about 1) not getting injured; and 2) not slacking on the exercise routine. I now know I have to run regularly (no month-long breaks) insofar I want to retain the capability to run more than a mile w/o subsequent joint issues going forward. The aim is to maintain average 20something performance into my 60s and average 40something performance into my 70s. There was some discussion in the athlete thread whether this much effort is worthwhile. It is to me.

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I would say that is a good investment which should result in future quality of life.

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Don't overestimate me :D

@Everyone else
Re knee pain
I think I'm slowly getting better with a week of rest so far. It's definitely much better than a week ago, not sure how much better than yesterday though. I may try some light/casual bike rides starting this weekend and see how it feels the next day.

As minor as this will likely turn out to be (I hope), it certainly has brought a bit of urgency back into my life. This is good thing. I was already on the right track healthwise, so the urgency is more in becoming more motivated to do the more physical things I've always wanted to do.

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Update 10/13/2020

Well, I'm at about 2 weeks and my knee is finally feeling pretty good. In this case the combo of rest with slow increase in usage seems to have worked. I went over a week of nothing but ADL's (activities of daily living). Which in my case includes at least a dozen flights of stairs on any given day (which was the most painful activity for the knee). With the brace, I started increasing activities once the pain was tolerable without any NSAIDS. Casual bike riding and walks, very short hike last weekend, and yesterday I did a full, hard bike ride. Today I still have almost no pain. I'm not sure if this was the "right" combination, or if I got lucky.

Based on yesterday's ride, the two week break in exercise seems to have cost me about six weeks of cardiovascular progress in my bike riding. Ouch. Particularly since it's getting cold and I have nowhere near that amount of time to make it up locally.

I either need to find some type of winter physical activity that I enjoy, or get out of Fargo for large swaths of the winter. I'm already anticipating the stir craziness an upper midwest winter, coupled with no job or self employment endeavour, will bring. Which means I'm all the more ready for some travel. This is the GF's last week of her contract, so theoretically we are free to do so together. Read below as there is some disagreement on the time table.

The GF and I got into a big fight on Friday night and it carried into Saturday. Mostly about how our life is going to look over this winter and going forward. She was offered a PRN job at her current employment with very few restrictions on how many hours she has to put in (like, almost none). The wage is actually decent, and the flexibility is high, so she's going to take it. This means anytime we're at home base the GF will have options to pick up shifts working. She really likes it at her hospital and the fact she has the ability to earn at will helps her anxiety about becoming an unemployed loser like her BF. This is a nice win overall. Our fight was more about how much and when she planned on working here over the next few months, and whether or not she still planned on taking time off now and potentially a travel contract later this winter. Her ENFP personality has so many ideas running concurrently that it's hard for me to keep up logically sometimes.

We made up Saturday afternoon and decided to salvage the weekend by taking a quick trip to Devils Lake ND area, a couple car hours away. Two years ago around this time we happened into some great fall foliage up there. Unfortunately, it seems we were a week or so late this year. Most of the leaves were gone, the trip was kind-of a bust, except that it helped assuage my road trip bug for another week and we got a chance to enjoy each other's company after the fight.

Yesterday I racked and then chilled my hard ciders. After chilling, I'm going to rack one more time before bottling. I'm hoping to force a stop to fermentation to keep some of the sweetness. The obligatory siphoning taste test gave me an initial positive impression for the pineapple and hard lemonade, but the apple and pear were already pretty dry. The GF had the opposite impression and thought the pear and apple were pretty good and wants to take a bottle of each to a girls weekend at the end of the month.

I realized I had forgotten to apply for my yearly credit card to attempt to get a bonus. With spending decreased, it's nearly impossible for me to spend the 3K in three months most of them want these days. I'd have to manufacture the spending on gift cards and the like, and that has never seemed worth it. I did find a chase card that offers $200 for $500 spend in the first three months. That's pretty easily attainable since I have 6 months of car insurance coming up soon. This will be my first "income" since May. I've been reinvesting all dividends and interest thus far because I had 2020's spending money sitting in my checking account since the end of my only contract this Winter/Spring. While researching cards, I found that I can get a referral bonus from my capital one quicksilver card. It was my bonus card last year, new cardmembers get $150 with $500 in spending in the first three months, no annual fee and 1.5% cash on all purchases ongoing. So if anyone reading happens to be interested, let me know and I'll PM my referral link.

:o Did c_L just try to monetize his journal :lol:. I'd better stop while I'm ahead! Thanks for reading!

Edit: I almost forgot, the GF's COVID antibody test was negative. I find it extremely unlikely I ever had it without infecting her. So it looks like c_L remains on the hook for any vaccination that becomes available. Something healthcare jobs will no doubt require, and something I'm skeptical about until there's better longer term data on potential side effects.

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Hello C_L, hope your knee is back to 100% soon. Glad to see you're still fighting the good fight.

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Glad to here you are healing.

No real advice about the relationship concerns. Other than your GF is smart and should be understanding that there are compelling reasons to find another locale.

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