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Re: Journal From A Dane

Post by herp » Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:03 am


Earned income 3696
Insurance 42
Refund 12

Total income 3750

Rent 977
Union + unemployment insurance 134
Utilities 44
Taxes 8
Entertainment 8
Groceries 220
Phone 9
Healthcare 281
Transporation 58
Other 6

Total expenses 1745

Savings 2005

Savings rate 53%

August was a fairly quiet month. I'm picking up a few more hours at work, which is good. I've also noticed my general well-being improving a fair bit after the weather has cooled down and the summer rush is over. Over the past few years, I've noticed that I feel more calm during this time of the year.

I finally got around to finishing up dental work. I shopped around at a few dentists, and it turns out that I did not need to have my wisdom teeth removed after all, so I settled for less expensive dental work, which was nice. Also less risk of complications.

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Re: Journal From A Dane

Post by herp » Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:06 am


Earned income 1925
Insurance 108
Refund 76
Gift 109
Sale of item 77

Total income 2295

Rent 967
Union + unemployment insurance 91
Utilities 105
Groceries 235
Phone 9
Healthcare 104
Transporation 58
Fees 4

Total expenses 1573

Savings 722

Savings rate 31%

At first this might appear to be a below average month, but that's because I didn't receive my secondary income stream in September (paid late in August and again early in October), so the numbers seem a bit off. I won't make any adjustments though as I only factor in transactions in the months where they are made.

Nothing too special happened this month. Health took a bit of a dive early on but then improved again. I'm continuously doing more hours of work. I think I have a rough plan to be back working full time or near full time early in spring next year, but let's see.

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Re: Journal From A Dane

Post by herp » Sat Nov 03, 2018 3:40 pm


Earned income 3011
Insurance 61
Gift 11
Sale of item 15

Total income 3098

Rent 960
Union + unemployment insurance 90
Groceries 223
Phone 9
Transporation 348
Entertainment 8
Clothes 18

Total expenses 1656

Savings 1442

Savings rate 46%

Back to a normal month. My savings rate would have been about 10% higher if it wasn't for buying a new bike. Something which I had been thinking about doing for a while. I got a good deal on one since now it's out of season, so I went for it.

Health is still slowly improving, which is good. I keep adding a few more hours. Still optimistic about being back at least close to full time by next spring.

On another note, I'm trying to become more social and going out more as that has really been neglected in recent years. I signed up for a new activity, should be interesting!

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Re: Journal From A Dane

Post by wolf » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:39 am

Congrats to the SR, herp!

Do you mind to tell what you work, because I'd like understand why your income is changing from month to month?

I'm thinking lately also about buying a new bike, because my current one is very used. What type of bike did you buy? A more universal one (road/city bike) or a specialized one (race bike, mountain bike)?

Glad to hear, that your health is improving.

Either it is me (because I'd like to become more social too and I focus therefore more in other journals) or there are many others on this forum also, who would like to improve/change social aspects of the life. I am interested: what kind of new activitiy did you sign up? Is it kind of a club?

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Re: Journal From A Dane

Post by herp » Sun Nov 04, 2018 5:29 am

Hi wolf,


Actually, my income doesn't fluctuate very much, it's simply because I sometimes receive my secondary income stream at the end of the month, and at other times at the beginning of the next month. So, yes, there are variations month by month, but the actual income is stable.

I work as a software developer.

I bought a city bike, nothing special really. Just your classic european aluminum city bike, fairly similar to the one I already had, which was probably of slightly higher quality, but then this new one was cheaper pound-for-pound in nominal terms than the one I already had and bought almost a decade ago, so I think it was a good deal.

I joined a generic networking group. No particular interest in focus.

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Re: Journal From A Dane

Post by herp » Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:48 am

Good news (I think!).

I'll most likely be moving into a small house by the beginning of next year. It's less spacious than my current flat, but I have more space than I really need, so that's fine. I've actually been looking at a few smaller apartments from time to time, but all things considered I didn't really find anything that I concluded was an improvement, so it never went further than just window-shopping, so to speak.

The obvious benefit of the small house is that it comes with a garden, which will be a nice addition. It's also very close to my current apartment, so moving should be just about as easy as it can get. The negative aspects are mostly temporary, as my health still isn't top-notch and I remember how stressful it was to move last time, but then I was moving over a slightly longer distance and had also just started a new job. Of other negative things to note is that it's fairly close to a moderately busy road, so there will be a bit more noise, which from a health perspective isn't great, but I hope it will be tolerable. On the plus side I'll also effectively have less neighbors.

From a financial perspective, it's going to reduce my rent by almost 1,000 DKK, which is nice. By next week, I should be certain about whether it goes through or not (it most likely will).

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Re: Journal From A Dane

Post by herp » Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:42 am

Well, quite a few important things happened since my last update. First, let's get the monthly report


Earned income 4551
Refund 42
Other income 14

Total income 4607

Deposit + new rent 2600
Rent 952
Union + unemployment insurance 90
Groceries 237
Phone 7
Transporation 77
Subscription 6

Total expenses 3969

Savings 638

Savings rate 13%

At first you may think that the savings rate looks pretty bad, but actually it should objectively have been in the negatives because I received double income from a source last month (paid both for November and December), so the numbers actually look better than they would have with averaged income streams! Although as I previously mentioned, I'll log transactions in the months where they actually take place.

The one huge expense was the deposit for the house that I'm moving into. It's one month of prepaid rent and the deposit is slightly over two months worth of rent. The good news is that by moving to the new place, I should save about 1000 DKK a month (roughly 150 USD at today's exchange rate), so I'll break even on the deposit before the first year is even up. I'll be paying rent for both the old and the new place for a month, though, so technically it will take a while longer, but still a good financial change.

Additionally, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to get some of the deposit back from my current place. Last time I moved I actually got the full deposit back, and it's the same landlord.

I'm also optimistic about the new place being a better fit for me and a quality of life upgrade, as moving from an apartment to a small town house should be a nice change. My ideal place to live would be somewhere more open, but there's of course always a compromise to be made in terms of commuting distance, cost of living, etc.

I'm also going to receive a couple of pretty nice windfalls this week, which in total will actually bump my net worth by over 7%. A very nice surprise that I expect will put me a couple of years closer to FI.

Finally, I'm going to be looking for new work, as I'll be starting something new by mid January.

It will be interesting times ahead.

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